Nurturing A Hobby

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I usually like asking people this question as an ice-breaker: “So, what is your hobby?” Surprisingly, the answers I get are “Well, I watch TV” or “I like to sleep” or “Watching movies”. Most often than not, these are only means of entertainment and cannot be categorized as a hobby.

But these are mistakenly accepted as hobbies in India. In the western world, most people nurture a hobby. Be it playing racquet ball, or skiing or even traveling. So, why should we be left behind?

Hobby Vs Entertainment

When I am too stressed out, I find it very pleasing to listen to soft music or to watch a good rib-tickling comedy. But, that is perhaps, only my entertainment. So what are the distinguishing traits of a hobby?

I like to think of hobby as something that hones your inner skill and provides you immense satisfaction. Hobby stimulates your soul and provides you satisfaction beyond monetary benefit. If you have an unquenchable thirst within you to develop something, if you have an immense talent that you didn’t train for, or if you love to take positive criticism and continuously improve your skill, that could well be your hobby.

There are some who think of hobby as a creative art, yet others who think of it as a sport, and yet others who think of philanthropy as a hobby.  It could be anything ranging from singing, dancing, painting, craft, embroidery, badminton, tennis and coin or stamp collection.

Unless you intend doing some very serious analysis and research into listening to music or watching movies, I think that it is more of an entertainment rather than a hobby.

Hobby as a Career

Often you hear people say, it is good to love what you do but it’s awesome to do what you love. Well, some people are blessed to have their hobby as their career.

When you see Aamir Khan portraying the role of Bhuvan, you tend to forget that he is in fact Aamir Khan. When you see Sachin Tendulkar whacking those beautiful fours and sixes humbling the most powerful bowlers, do you not think that he was born with his bat?

Well, these are only a few people who chose their career out of their hobby. These are the people who are glad to take whatever monetary benefit comes out of their hobby but live their passionHaving said this, how can we benefit from our hobby? Your hobby can get you that second source of Income. Or can aide you in times of trouble.

Hobby for the Soul

Having a hobby is very satisfying. It gives an inner sense of achievement and maintains a good balance. I once read somewhere that Dilbert says “Work sucks and therefore, we get paid to do it.” Well, if that were true, I can safely say that hobby is what will give you solace in this high pressure life.

Hobby enhances Productivity

I always find it very relaxing to do something that appeals to the soul especially when you are stressed out. Be it playing a game of Table Tennis or be it writing something, it always helps me fight stress and helps me get more productive. It helps me focus better on the job at hand.

Human mind is always fishing for appreciation. It can only be beneficial to find that skill in you and hone it to get you that appreciation. While you work for money,  you can always find ways to satisfy your inner self by nurturing a hobby.


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Supriya Mothay is a Chartered accountant by profession, with a passion to write. Being an amateur poet and creative writer, she now blogs on topics on finances, lifestyle and mythology. She likes to relate little philosophies to life and has a capability to break down trivial issues at the granular level and arrive at innovative solutions.

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