Negative Thoughts Drain You and Cause Energy Leaks

Negative Thoughts

How do you wake up feeling every morning? Do you feel vibrant and enthusiastic at the thought of a new day or do you feel dull and morose at the prospect of going through another troublesome day?

Irrespective of the situations you face in life, the way you manage your negative thoughts or your ‘Energy Leaks’ is one of the most important determinants of how you feel through the day.

What are Energy Leaks?

Have you experienced negative thoughts that cross your mind on a regular basis leaving you feeling drained and low? These are the thoughts you need to be careful about since these cause energy leaks from your consciousness.

You might be feeling upbeat one minute and down in the dumps the very next minute for no apparent reason at all. Negative thoughts related to negative past experiences or worrisome thoughts related to the future leave us feeling drained and low. These cause energy leaks from our consciousness and we are left with little or no energy to do anything well in our present.

Once you identify your personal negative thoughts that cross your mind on a regular basis, you can take corrective measures to stop and replace those thoughts with uplifting and positive ones.

If there was a painful experience (or a series of painful experiences) in your past that come back to haunt you in the present, it is important for you to make your peace with those painful memories and gently divert your mind to some positive past experience or some positive aspect of your life.

This could be God for some people or a hobby for some others. There is no dearth of positive things in life—we only need to start looking.

Love Gone Wrong

Vibha was a North-Indian girl who fell in love with a South-Indian boy named Srikant. They got married after a brief courtship but neither was prepared for what followed. Though Srikant loved Vibha, he had a strong dislike for North-Indian culture and North Indians in general. He expected Vibha to change overnight and adopt South Indian culture completely.

His egoistic and domineering approach hurt Vibha deeply since she was a sensitive girl who wasn’t used to being controlled and dominated. The inevitable followed and the couple started to have ugly fights on a regular basis.

Things reached such a point that Vibha decided to file for divorce. Srikant did not want a divorce, he only wanted to control and change Vibha so she could be exactly how he wanted her to be. He did some soul-searching and decided to change his ways to keep his marriage going. This improved the situation of their marriage considerably over time.

But Vibha could not forget the pain she experienced at the initial stages of her married life. The deep hurt caused due to Srikant’s hurtful behavior left deep scars on her psyche that caused her pain almost every time they were together.

The optimism and energy that characterized her personality before marriage were nowhere to be seen after such emotionally traumatic experiences with Srikant.

Though there was nothing wrong in the present in her life, the past kept coming back to haunt her and drain her consciousness. She decided to take charge of her life and instead of trying to run away from the painful thoughts of the past, she started to see those experiences as valuable lessons that gave her deep insights about the human mind and relationship dynamics.

She decided to help other couples with her wisdom and started taking marriage counseling sessions for struggling couples. This gave her new-found energy since she mastered the technique of diverting wasteful and painful thoughts and replacing them with wise and peaceful thoughts.


If you want to be happy and feel light and energetic through each day of your life, then you cannot carry burdensome negative thoughts in your mind. Make a decision that those painful thoughts from the past don’t have any constructive contribution to make in your present.

Instead, negative thoughts unnecessarily drain away the joy from your heart in the present as well. If you want to live well then this is a commitment you must make to yourself and protect your consciousness against wastage of energy.

Follow the same technique with worrisome thoughts about the future as well and you will be on your way to reaching your goal of living a happy and peaceful life that is free from negative thoughts and pain.


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Richa is a writer and a life skills coach with seven years of work experience in training corporate professionals. She has trained employees in Soft skills, Sales and Business English.

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