Negative Energy and its Effect

Negative Energy Negative energy is disastrous. In our modern times, there is less time for people to get what they want and hence they are unsatisfied. But there are a lucky few who still have achieved what they aspired for even though they are surrounded with negative energies all around the: their house, their surroundings etc. However, negative energy can also be of one’s own accord.

The thoughts and words of an individual can be the reason for negative energy to reside with them for a long time. Pessimism can be a vital reason for the negative energies to grow for a long time.

Effects of Negative Energy

It is important to stay away from people who generate negative energies. For example there are people who talk negatively about you and do not wish the best for you.

This leads to negativity within you. Jealous people have always something to say bad about you or criticize you. This leads to you falling ill or having bad luck in your work. The first thing you do is discontinue contact with such people and see the results.

The same happens to you as well, if you have negative thoughts about your friends or relatives, the same will be returned to you. Your karma will be yours and you will be responsible for whatever you wished or your actions.

How to Drive away Negativity

One can drive away negative energy by adopting many ways or any one way that suits. During sunrise of before sunset, a desi ghee diya or the incense stick is to be burned at home on a daily basis.

If you are not present at home, let someone else burn it for you. The negative energy in the house will be thrown away. It is necessary to sweep the home with a nice broom at least twice a day. This way prosperity will come home as it has driven negativity and positive energies reside here.

Lakshmi, is the goddess of wealth, who comes to the house of only those which are clean and do not have any negative energy. It is necessary that you throw away all the wasted materials or junk that is left in the house.

One should store only things that are useful. A broken lamp, or a broken cup, crockery, furniture should be thrown out. Even torn clothes should not be left in the house, which can cause negative energy. A nice fresh broom should be chosen to clean the house.

Aromatic Influence for Negativity

When one experiences strong negativity in the house or office, it is highly advised to use ideal aromas to drive the negativity from the place. Scents from ingredients like asafetida, googal, lobhan and garlic.

The strong scents can drive away all the negativity with repulsion and keep the place free of clutter and negativity. The goodness of the scents and aromas can drive away the negativity from the environment.

Certain scents like the Juniper, sage, cypress and fumitory are great for this purpose. Frankinscence, Myrrh, lotus, geranium and rose can attract positivity to the environment. For peace and calm you can burn incense sticks of bayberry, magnolia, gardenia and rose.

For Internal Negativity

We have seen remedies for driving away negativity from around us and our surroundings, but there is negativity inside a man as well. The waves can reach a man in many ways, which is why it is necessary to protect our body and soul. The process is to imagine a bubble that will cover you from head to toe all the while you breathe.

The imagined bubble should be elastic and should be able to stretch as you move. The bubble that you imagined will protect you from evil thoughts entering your mind or other negative influences that reach you. You can pray to the Gods to protect you from the evil.

Conclusion – Negative Energy

An increase in negative energy in and around you can drain you out of positive healing energy. Any external source of negative energy can cause you to feel uncharacteristically depressed and lethargic, fatigued, angry, have mood changes, and/or physical pains and discomfort, like you are plagued by ‘bad luck,’ and the list goes on. Practicing meditation on a regular basis can help boost positive vibrations. A meditative state of mind helps enhance positive energy to a great extent. Read more on positive thinking at Think Positive – Live Positive.

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