10 Native American Quotes: Pearls Of Wisdom

native american quotes

Native American tribes and cultures are best known for having lived in close connection to the land, nature and spirit. Their way of life was one that required acute observation, a deep understanding and reverence to the natural world – something we cannot say about modern western cultures.

This separation of modern man from nature and the archaic aspects of his psyche is in fact what Carl Jung referred to as the root cause of neurosis—the ailment of modern Man.

When westerners started colonizing the Americas they could not understand the native’s way of life. Their deep connection and respect for nature and spirit was somehow alien to them. The tragic result of this clash between cultures is one of the darkest stains in our history books.

On a positive note, some of the wisdom of the native tribes have been immortalized into Native American quotes—true words of wisdom that have survived the ages.

These pearls of wisdom are a monument to how these cultures viewed the world—a witness to how humans can truly live in harmony with nature and his fellow humans despite occasional tribal conflicts and the harsh hand of nature.

I believe these Native American quotes stand on their own two feet without the need to elaborate further—their power is their simplicity and that they resonate a deeper truth within us. It is like walking through a museum hall full of artifacts that have survived the decay of time and which somehow reanimate a part of that history – giving us a glimpse of that past but more importantly say something timeless about us as humans in general.

Here are some hand-picked Native American quotes which are dear to me and which I have placed in images. Enjoy the museum tour:











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