4 Money Practices That Will Help You In Business

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Fear of not having enough money is probably one of the biggest fears most people face. In entrepreneurship this fear is brought to the forefront because your income varies.

Furthermore, common personal money practices and finance advice that works for employees doesn’t always translate to those who run their own businesses. In my company and my personal financial life, I have a set of money practices that help me keep my faith in abundance while being a good steward of whatever money comes in.

These are some of the same strategies and techniques I teach my coaching clients as they start trusting their ability to attract more money through their businesses.

1. Money Gratitude

Each day I fire up my Mint.com account and say thanks for all the money I have in my name.

  • Even if my investments didn’t do well that day.
  • Even if my credit card debt is climbing up.
  • Even if I lost money in my retirement account.
  • Even if it’s Tax day, and I had to write a check to pay my taxes.

The key is to be grateful for what you have no matter what is going on in your financial life.

If we can’t appreciate what we have then how could we possibly handle more money?

We can’t!

I take this a step further and say a prayer of gratitude every time I pay my bills. I acknowledge that my money has gotten me something and I am thankful for it.

In fact, one of my favorite parts of running my business is paying the people who help me run this business. I actually love paying my virtual assistant and accountant each month. I love paying my web designer whenever she does work for me.

The point is I practice gratitude every time I spend money in my business. And I try to do my best to bring those money practices into my personal finances as well.

For example, a few weeks ago I had strep throat. Rather than complaining about losing money because I unexpectedly got very sick and had to pay for healthcare costs, I flipped the script. My mindset is now one where I am grateful for the fact that I make enough money to pay for health insurance, co-payments and medication so that I can get well.

Most think that perception works a lot like a flashlight in the dark, illuminating whatever it’s aimed at. The truth, however, is that instead of revealing what’s there, it creates it. ~ Mike Dooley (Tweet this)

2. Self-Gratitude

The more we value ourselves, the more that value will be reflected back to us in the form of opportunity and money. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs who struggle do so because they don’t yet value themselves or what they are offering to the world.

The frank truth is if you don’t value yourself no one else will. Period. One way to rev up our self-worth is by practicing self-gratitude. One excellent exercise can be found in Kate Northrup’s Money: A Love Story.

Each night before going to bed, list three ways that you provided value into the world that day.

  •  Maybe you were there for a friend.
  •  Maybe you did great work for a client.
  •  Maybe you helped resolve a conflict.
  •  Maybe you’re a good mom.

Whatever it is, make sure to acknowledge yourself and write it down.

Take this practice into your life each night and I promise it will start transforming the world around you.

Once I started taking this exercise seriously I started attracting more money. I felt better so I did better work. Better work then led to more money. Many of my clients have gotten the same results when they do this exercise for themselves.

3. Write down your Financial Goals Every Day

In a recent Money Magazine article, they noted how individuals who write down their financial goals are far more likely to achieve them. In many ways, physically writing down your financial goals focuses you and trains your subconscious mind to find ways to achieve that goal.

I started this one of my money practices last year and I remember writing “Make enough money to hire an accountant.” I had no idea how much an accountant would cost or where to find one that would work for my business. But it didn’t matter. I wrote it down everyday anyway.

A few weeks later I met my future accountant at an airport while I was waiting for a flight. Had my goal not been top of mind I wouldn’t have even been in a space where I could inquire about their services. This is a practice is I continue to this day. Each morning I write my financial goals in a notebook even if I have no idea how to make them happen. The answers eventually show up and then I follow them.

Writing down my financial goals also keeps me focused and clear as I negotiate, take on projects, consciously spend my money and save more money.

4. Feng Shui and Crystal Grids

Say what you want about holistic practices, but after experimenting with Feng Shui and crystals I’m starting to think there is something to them.

Crystals in particular have a vibrational frequency and are said to affect our energy. They are so effective that you can even find clear quartz in most technology for its capacities. Certain crystals are said to help attract money and a crystal grid is a pattern you can make with said crystals in order to amplify that energy.

In Feng Shui fashion I have a small crystal grid on the left side of my working space which is said to be the money corner. Unbeknownst to me, many of my coaching clients also had crystals near their working spaces.

For more on energy healing, crystals and crystal grids make sure to check out Hibiscus Moon on YouTube.

How much money we can make in business is very much affected by our beliefs about money. By taking on some of these money practices you can ensure that your mind and spirit have positive money reinforcement.

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