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Being Happy

Being happy is something that one experiences sometimes or some experience it frequently. If you ask someone if he/she is happy the answer will be a mixed response. Not everyone says that they are totally happy. There are things that they are unhappy about and things that make them sad and days when they are happy will definitely make them live for more.

It is not easy to find happiness. But, on the other hand it is inside you to find happiness. No other being will make you happy if you do not allow yourself to be. The happiest people appreciate and realize that being happy adds years to life and life to years. Choose happiness, accept what you have and live for today.

Looking beyond yourself

This is not simple. Human begins are made to love oneself and thinking beyond oneself is not really in everybody’s nature. However, just give a thought to others who are not as lucky as you. Simply go and share things with them and see how light you feel about it and how elated you will be at the end of the day. Go try it; it does not have to be thousands of bucks, simply a hand bag or the new top that you bought last week will also be fine.

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.

The smile that you get to see on their face will give you the much needed happiness. Well this is all about spirituality and about giving. Maybe you are not that type of person. Never mind, there is nothing wrong if you cannot give something to someone.

Achieving what you set out for

Many people feel happy when they achieve their target. But, that is of course for those who are gifted and are extraordinary people. But for someone who is a normal human being, things cannot be easy. There are bills to be paid, loans to be cleared, children, the house and many other things and the list never really ends.

In such circumstances it is only what you feel deeper inside that will make you feel happy. Finding happiness in little things like playing with your children, spending time with your friends, going for a walk with your spouse can also make you feel happy.

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (Tweet this)

Worrying is something that has not saved anyone—worrying is not going to get you anywhere. It will cause stress and that stress will cause illness, high blood pressure and further deteriorate your health.

Happiness in small things

Find happiness in small things, compliment someone on the street about their hair, or dress or smile and see how happy they feel and in turn you too. You can also get things done for your friends like completing small tasks for them and helping them if they ask you for it. These things may take a little time out of your daily schedule, but in the end the happiness that you get will be multifold.

I do not exist to impress the world. I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy ~ Richard Bach (Tweet this)

Many times you are disturbed and do not really feel happy about it, so leave things that way; you do not have to think hard about ways to be happy during such times. Only just do not make it difficult for you to come back.

If you think that the day is not good enough, sing aloud. Did you know that singing helps release chemicals from the brain that makes you feel happy? Well, it’s the truth. If you are a bad singer, don’t worry put the song loud on the player and sing along with your favorite song.

Calculating happiness

How do you calculate happiness? Frankly, there is nothing like the “amount of happiness.” Happiness cannot be counted in any measures. So if someone feels happy by playing with a pet, then that is happiness for that particular individual.

Maybe someone does not like pets and is happy in the company of friends and socializing. Happiness is a matter of choice. Remember happiness differs from individual to individual and depends on how you perceive happiness.

Life is all about being happy with what you have, for happiness depends upon the quality of our thoughts. Be positive under any circumstances. Life is simple, do not complicate it.

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