Living a Simple and Enlightened Life

Living a Simple Life

The specific changes that you decide to make in your life should be voluntary, in tune with your personal aspirations and your particular circumstances. Life is simple if you live it, life is complicated if you make it. So, live better with less.

Life flows even when you do not want it to or even if you want to stop it to just live in that moment forever. Life is like water, it flows till the end. It is not stagnant and you will see many changes, hurdles, obstacles while flowing with it.

There is nothing more beautiful than living a simple life in this complex universe ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan (Tweet this)

Life was meant to be lived in a relaxed manner, it was simple . . . eat little, relax and work. We were supposed to live with nature, with other animals, trees and other elements in nature. But, that was not where we ended up. All that was simple has turned out complex.

Yeah, we are wasting our energy on things that we do not need. We yearn for the things that we can live without. And now we need enlightenment!

Living a simple life

The rhythm was perfect. But then where did it all go wrong? It went wrong when we started thinking about our own self. Sharing was not done anymore. There was no trust and a need for more. More was never enough, this lead to stress and anxiety and ill health. Well, every thing is not over yet. So cheers . . . you can get back to simplicity and have an enlightened life.

Simple task to enlightenment

One does not have to indulge into extreme tasks to get enlightenment. Because enlightenment is nothing but your happiness in life, which gives a sense of achievement in whatever you do. It is the people around you that make it happen for you and you are the most important person to make things happen for you with your kind deeds and actions that talk about your gratitude.

Living a simple life and how to follow the path to have an enlightened life:

1. Find peace within yourself

You may be dissatisfied with your job, your home, your financial position, your spouse, children and many other things. This leads to uproar in your life. You do not find the much-needed peace and happiness that you wish to have. It is not easy to reverse things, so you have to work your way  up to make things happen the way you want. Or the best thing is to accept them as they are. Try to find peace.

2. Relax

Well, it can be hectic out there. Take time out to relax and enjoy life as it is. Visit places that you love and more importantly meet people and help them out so that they look forward to your visit again. Being loved is a great feeling which can be achieved when you think about others and come out of your shell. The “me” thing has to be left far behind.

3. Show gratitude

The most important thing when you want enlightenment in life is to show gratitude. Show your gratitude to everybody you are concerned with. That can be your maid or your newspaper boy or even your parents. It helps you lead a humble life that will take off all that superficial attitude that you carry along wherever you go (and feel the burden of).

4. Self-confidence

That shows in your job, your conversations, your attitude and your actions. The more confident you are, the more you are going to achieve. Having clarity in life is of utmost importance. It gives meaning to life and makes life more meaningful. It gives you the power to gain what you want to achieve. The confidence gives you the courage to fight it out and look at things in a more rationalized way.


Enlightenment in life is what you will achieve daily with your actions and deeds. The best things in life are free: from a quiet lakeside sunset to sleeping in on a rainy day, life’s greatest simple pleasures can only be purchased with mindful awareness.

Live a simple life for the best things in life are always simple.

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