Live your Life with Love

Live your Life, love

Live your life with love for love is a wonderful feeling. It makes you happy, healthy and lively. Love the life you live and live the life you love. Loving someone will give you a meaning to your life; you would want to live for the person, which gives strength from within.

Our power truly lies within us and when we love someone, we experience joy. Love, itself, makes you love more. Enjoy life! You love yourself and there is a feeling of helping others and kindness flows within you. You are more compassionate towards others and know the feelings of others and respect them, too.

Live your life with love

If you want to be truly happy, you have to live your life with love . . . every moment of it. And when you learn to love your life without much expectation from it, you will be surrounded by love and end the negativity that can engulf any person who expects too much of their life.

Think of the moment you were into something you loved—it can be anything . . . maybe painting, or business, or even driving! You love when you are doing something you like and are passionate about. You are truly engrossed in it and you forget to eat or you do not want to go home or sleep or do anything else. That’s love . . . love for what you do. Here you love your life and when you love life, you begin to see the love around you.

Why is it so difficult to love?

More often than not, people are not ready to express what they feel. It is this that makes them stay away from the love. You do not have to be so busy in life that you never let yourself love other beings. Love can be for anyone. It can be your pet, your friend, sister, brother, parents and others.

You have to attempt to get away from feelings of jealousy, hatred and revenge. Such feelings tear you apart and make you ill as well. Instead you should forget the hurt that has been given to you and learn to forgive and forget things that do not make you happy.

You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth ~ William W. Purkey (Tweet this)

Loving someone isn’t difficult; it all depends on how willing you are to let go of things. The walls that you build around yourself will definitely not help you; instead you will be lonely one day. You have to break the walls that are made of negativity. The life you live is ultimately the life you choose.

Love unconditionally

Love must come unconditionally; you say if you love someone, they should reciprocate. Well . . . that’s the end of love. If you get back love and respect, you are lucky, but if you don’t, you still have to love. Do not expect something in return.

That will set boundaries and you will chain your emotions. Instead never expect anything when you give something and that will make your heart bigger and kinder and make you laugh.

Be happy

When you love someone you are happy within yourself. Again if you are happy, you will love more and get more love from people as they love your company and the joy you bring with you when you arrive.

Experience the joy of giving. It does not matter if you are not rich or powerful, you can be kind to others and make them feel happy or simply listen to what they are going through, that may be sufficient. You are spreading love in the air and that will come back to you.

When you come in contact with someone in life, what matters is the way that person helps you transform into a better being.

Welcome brightness in your life

Live your life with love. Try to make out what gives you bliss. Indulge in something that will make you happy and you enjoy doing. That will definitely help you come out of your cocoon and let go. Although you may be hurt by people, life should not stop there. You will meet people and someone out there will make you happy again and love will follow.

Simply start showing love and love will start showing up. Start loving others and others will love back. It is a simple formula that will help you brighten your life.


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