Knowing Yourself – What do you think of YOU

Knowing Yourself

We have so much to say about the people around us. We spend enormous amounts of energy and millions of thoughts in our lifetime thinking about the good and the bad qualities that other people possess. We don’t leave anyone out, either, and even talk about complete strangers (at times with great interest).

But there is someone we do tend to forget about, sometimes for great lengths of time and sometimes for entire lifetimes and that person is hidden somewhere deep within our own minds—ourselves. Knowing yourself will enable you to develop your full potential to be happy, contented and fulfilled.

The only person we have the ability to control and change is ourselves and yet we spend so little time and energy on spending time thinking about ourselves.

Knowing yourself, consequently, empowers and enables you to create different choices. Knowing yourself can be of great help to anyone working to reach their goals more effectively. It helps guide you along the path toward success.

Nurture Yourself

If we don’t give time or attention to any aspect of our lives, it gets neglected and suffers. Besides general aspects like finances, relationships or career (which are obviously affected), this fact also holds true for our body, our plants, our home or even our pets. How can we then expect our own Self to flourish without giving any conscious care or attention to it?

We just drag ourselves from one worldly responsibility to another and lose ourselves in the process, feeling drained and unhappy. Just like a plant blossoms when it gets adequate care and attention, our ‘Self’ also blossoms when we take care of it like a little baby.

Rajat was a high-flying corporate executive who had aggressive plans for his career. An impulsive tiff with his dominating supervisor impacted his career more adversely than he had thought possible.

He lost his job and to his dismay was unable to crack any of the interviews he appeared for. His self-esteem crashed and he had to move in with his parents to manage his life. He hated interacting with people after this episode since he felt that everyone looked down upon him and considered him to be a loser.

His attitude became so negative that he could not even tolerate people for purposes of work which further affected his economic life. His sister noticed this and counselled him regarding this since she understood his psychology well. He realized his negative attitude and decided to improve it after some soul-searching.

Enhance your Self-Concept

One of the most effective ways of taking care of your Self is to think positive and loving thoughts about knowing yourself. If we think well about knowing ourselves, we heal ourselves; and any past wounds that might be hurting us inside get soothed.

Needless to say, this is one of the most important things we need to do to ensure that we enjoy the journey of our lives. If we think negative thoughts about our own selves, we will carry the pain and inferiority complex within ourselves into all the aspects of our lives and each one will get impacted adversely.

If we don’t take the time out to establish a relationship with ourselves and then check the quality of thoughts we think repeatedly, this will not be possible.

Negative thoughts about our own self are the root cause behind a number of negative attitudes and behaviors. No plant with rotten roots is known to flourish beautifully.

People with poor self-esteem are unable to form or sustain nourishing relationships in their lives since they constantly experience internal disturbance. The degree of the disturbance will be in direct proportion to the level of self-esteem.

Conclusion – Knowing Yourself

Form a connection with yourself to start with and explore the nature of thoughts you have for the most important person in your life—YOU! Find the cause for the nature of your thoughts and develop ways to change those thoughts around, if they happen to be negative.

A strong self-esteem sets the foundation for a happy and positive life and positive thoughts enable the creation and sustenance of a strong self-esteem.

Knowing yourself does not happen by simply spending time thinking about yourself. You need to ask yourself the right questions to get those all-important right answers.

You need to go about this in a healthy way so that you don’t end up at the other extreme which is being obsessed with yourself.  A few tips and the correct words of advice are all you need to become a self-aware human being.

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Richa is a writer and a life skills coach with seven years of work experience in training corporate professionals. She has trained employees in Soft skills, Sales and Business English.

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