Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Relationship

perfect relationship

Have you ever tried to define the “ perfect relationship”? I imagine there could be a zillion permutations. One person might say, a perfect relationship for me is one where my husband says “yes” to everything I say; or a mother may say “ it’s when children toe the line.”

If any of you have seen the iconic Love Story, love is defined as “never having to say you are sorry.” Yet, for me (someone who has seen many colors of life), a perfect relationship is one where “you live and let live, understanding is deep, and you respect the other person’s individuality.”

Bringing laughter and joy into life

It is not hard at all to bring laughter and joy into your life.

In fact if you decide “I am going to try and understand my partner, child or colleague; and I will not try to change them to what I think is a great being” you will have taken a positive step towards letting joy and happiness into life.

It is important to respect each person as an individual and allow them personal space.

In our community, lived a couple who were married for about 50 years and they would go for walks holding hands and were popularly called the “loving couple”. One could never hear raised voices or angry tones from their home.

When asked, the husband shared that they had always led life by certain rules and he had been taught by his mother that women were goddess and should be treated well. He said they did have differences of opinion but they had “agreed to disagree” early in life.

In the world there are many methods by which one can dispel irritations and bilious thoughts. Learn to see the funny side of things and you will feel the laughter bubble up from within you.

Love and trust must triumph in a perfect relationship

Be it a parent-child relationship, a friendship between two people, or a couple… the key to a successful relationship is to build love and trust.

I once knew a lady of great dignity who was quite aware that her husband had a mistress. She never threw a tantrum, or contacted a lawyer or demanded alimony. Her philosophy was – I am his wife and therefore have a standing in society; the mistress is like a passing season with no rights or permanency (this was in the early 50’s when the society was very stringent).

I am not saying people need to tolerate infidelity, it all about weighing the positives and negatives in any relationship. Never be browbeaten or mistreated, its important to walk away from such relationships where abuse (verbal or physical) is constant. Work at trust and this will lead to a situation where a child can confide in a parent and a partner can easily talk about having had dinner with a man or woman without any fear. Love must run deep such that even a thought of the person will bring a smile to your lips and heart.

Do yourself a favor …. find your own level of comfort and never try to mimic the negativity, hatred and jealousy around you, in your life!


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