How to Stay Confusion Free

Stay Confusion Free

Stay confusion free as confusion is a terrible feeling; a feeling of being lost in the most basic sense. A confused state of mind generates anxiety and leaves you stressed out.

There can be different levels of confusion as it can be mild also. However, the confusion that creates anxiety and unease should be handled seriously to stay relaxed.

What Are The Causes of Confusion?

There are several factors that add to create confusion. The first and foremost factor is lack of clarity in your goals or their direction. Indecisiveness about a particular action also creates confusion. If you misunderstood or do not understand a concept, you tend to get confused.

Of course, there are people who don’t get confused at all, because they are blessed with a clear wisdom. They do not take decisions by heart, but use their wisdom and intelligence with a calm deep within. However, larger percentages of people live with some sort of confusion at certain point of time.

Confused Mind . . . Why?

The mind is always in a confused state because of its past convictions and interpretations. These integrations are based on individual views and have no ultimate truth. This is the reason why mind seems confused. Some pointers can help you identify your confused state. The mind seeks certainty based on its past, but life is uncertain and the confusion starts here.

Moreover, your life will lead to only one direction according to your destiny, but you are confused about taking the right decisions to get there.

Truth comes out of error more readily than out of confusion. ~ Sir Francis Bacon (Tweet this)

Take the help of your wisdom to stay confusion free and clear the clutter in your mind. Change your outlook, use your wisdom and clear the confusion. Since your life has many twists and turns, you are sure to get confused as to what path to take. However, like in a maze, life leads only to one direction and all other paths are wrong and closed after a time. With the most profound wisdom, you can choose the path of your life that is destined for you.

How to Stay Confusion Free

 1. Embrace “ignorance”

The best way to stay “not confused” is to embrace ignorance. Life is a mystery and even the most knowledgeable person has not understood it. Embrace life the way it comes.

2. Stop wanting more

One of the great factors to create confusion in life is to want more. Feel enchantment with what life has bestowed you with. Find happiness in your being, your family and loved ones. The moment you ask for more, you start getting too confused to arrange for your desire.

3.  Enjoy the moment

To live a confusion-free life, it is important that you stop worrying about the future at all. Live in the moment and enjoy the sheer simplicity of that moment. Learn to stay in the present moment instead of arranging all the times for future.

4. Take every instant of life as experience

You need to accept the fact that life is not about success or failure. Every instant of life is pure experience, nothing else. It is only your perception of mind that labels that experience as good or bad or success or failure. In fact, every experience gives way to a new way of learning and growth. Life is always moving and it will not stop with any experience.

5. “All is Well”

You pretend that you know what is good for you or what is not. But, deep within, you don’t know what is good for you. Thus, live life as it comes and think “all is well.”

 6. Meditate

At least for a few minutes in a day, keep your mind free of any clutter that keeps circulating and confusing it. Meditate for a few minutes every day and wash your mind of every thought, plan or activity coming there. Watch your mind, let the thoughts flow out of mind, and see how free you feel.


Stay confusion free by visualizing your goal. As they say, “See It and Achieve It.” Ups and downs are normal in our changing experience. You will be able to become more patient as you practice riding those ups and downs. Refuse to give in to discouragement from the inevitable setbacks. Learn from each setback, and “keep on going.”

Dealing with confusion is not a one-day activity; it is a long practice. It will take a long time to keep your life absolutely confusion free. But it is not impossible. And once you achieve that state, you will feel deep calm within.

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