How to Spice Up Your Relationship

how to spice up your relationship

The secret to a long and loving marriage is to choose, everyday, to be married. ~ Jacqueline Patricks (Tweet this)

Long-term relationships are fantastic. It is such an accomplishment to maintain a loving, committed relationship through the years. There is also no shame in admitting that long-term relationships can get, well….a little tired. 

Even if you are completely in love, the idea of getting too comfortable is a real struggle for plenty of couples. The good news? There are plenty of out-of-the-ordinary activities the two of you can partake in to spice up your love life.

Here are some ideas on how to spice up your relationship

1. Turn the television off

Plenty of people are guilty of relying on television for entertainment. Though we can all agree that television is an entertaining way to connect to each other, there are more interactive ways to do so. It is wonderful to share a favorite television show, but it can become a slippery slope.

Pick a television show to watch together, but try not to spend every night in front of the screen.

2. Take a class together

There is no better way  to spice up a relationship than to find a hobby together. Whether it is a yoga class, salsa dancing lessons, or a hiking group, you will find new ground together. Taking a class not only produces new life skills, but it will strengthen your relationship.

3. Work out together

Speaking of taking a class together, working out as a couple is another wonderful way to spice up your love life. Get your endorphins working while you spin, run, stretch, or jump – together!!!

4. Stay at a bed and breakfast

Even if you find a bed and breakfast in your hometown instead of going away, there is something really nice about the relaxation. Bed and breakfasts are usually conveniently located to the best parts of a city, which means you can even ditch the car.

If you and your beau would rather sleep the day away in a comfortably decorated room, a bed and breakfast is the perfect place to do so. Leave the kids, pets, responsibilities at home, and have a great night away.

5. Explore a new city

If you do need to get away from your own city, take a little trip with your loved one. Road trip to the nearest big city and spend some time exploring. If you plan ahead, the two of you can even visit somewhere further away. Have both of you always wanted to go somewhere exciting? Make it happen!

This is the year for your dreams to come true. Exploring a new city is always a great way to add excitement to a relationship. Even if you two do the same things you always do – go for coffee, a glass of wine, a movie – it will be that much more exciting in a new place.

6. Spend time apart

Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, spending time apart can increase your desire for each other. If you are trying to spice up your love life, focus on your own hobbies more often.

If you and your spouse take more time apart, you will find your desire to be with one another will increase. Go for a run while your significant other goes to happy hour. By the time you reconvene at the end of the night, you will appreciate the time you have together.

And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. ~ Khalil Gibran (Tweet this)

7. Go on a double date

Speaking of happy hour, when is the last time you and your spouse met up with another couple? The idea of a double date can be really groan-worthy, but it can also be fulfilling.

The best way to have an enjoyable double date is to make sure you are with people you both really enjoy. Your brother, his sister, your mutual best friend – the closer you are, the better the date will be. Enjoy yourselves in the presence of others. It will remind you that your love is a specific and unique kind of love.

8. Make a bucket list

Creating a bucket list can be a really fulfilling way to look forward to your life. Bungee jumping, skydiving, camping near the Grand Canyon – all of these ideas are great to add to a list of things to do before you die.

But what about a couples’ bucket list? It is much more romantic to create a list of things to do together than ones to do apart. And imagine how special it will be to check off each of those activities as you go!

9. Go to a spa

Even though the idea of a massage or a facial is relatively unexciting, the idea of going together is positively thrilling. Have you ever had a couples massage before? Trust me; grooming is a lot sexier and more exciting in a spa environment rather than at home. You both will feel beautiful and exhilarated, together.

10. Relive your first date

After being together for a long time, it is hard to remember the spark that once existed. No matter how madly in love the two of you still are, it is always nice to revisit an old but familiar feeling. Reliving your first date will remind you two of the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

Even if you go to an Olive Garden, the love will live on in those breadsticks.

11. Celebrate your anniversary

As the anniversary numbers rack up; it is easy to forget what a monumental event they are. Even if you have been together for 11 or 12 years, don’t wait for the big 2-0 to celebrate.

Buy roses and chocolates and champagne, light candles and celebrate your love! Go to dinner; buy gifts, spring for the whole bottle of wine! Every year together is another year to celebrate.

12. Clean the house together

Okay, everyone knows that cleaning is not a very romantic task, but it has to be done. What about turning up the music and making an event out of it? Cleaning is boring, but there are ways to make it exciting.

Work on a reward system. Every room complete gets a kiss! You both will be having a great time before you even know it.

13. Get dressed up

Going out to dinner is one thing, but what about spicing up the event by putting on your Sunday’s finest? There is no better way to make an ordinary night into an extraordinary one. Getting dressed up is proven to make human beings feel better about themselves. You and your significant other can wow each other by doing your hair and makeup and putting on a snazzy outfit. Even if you are heading somewhere rather ordinary, you both will love and appreciate the effort. Go see a movie all dressed up and pretend that you are Hollywood stars!

14. Make new friends

Going along with the hobby or new activity idea, making new friends together can be a really special way of coming together. Even if you two make friends with the barista at your coffee shop or the checker at your grocery store, it will remind you why you two are such a power couple.

15. Make a “book club”

Instead of joining an outside book club, consider having an intimate one with just the two of you. Reading is a great way to exercise the mind, so pick up two copies of the same book, and invigorate yourselves!  The conversation surrounding the book will invoke thoughtfulness and passion.

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