How To Make Money Fast – 4 Ways To Get Out Of Cash Crunch

how to make money fast

I have a saying that no one misses rent by just a few dollars. If you’re in that boat, your problem actually started weeks—or even months—ago. But let’s say you wake up one morning, and that’s you. You’re stuck, and you need money literally RIGHT NOW, today. What can you do?

Never fear, there are some things you can do to get out of this jam, but please . . . once you do get out . . . stay out!

Above and beyond that, the first two words at the beginning of this paragraph are actually advice: Never fear. For one, it won’t help you—at all. It will only hurt. For example, if you are too needy, people that may have helped you, will instead turn you away. Fear and panic is the enemy. That much is certain.

Also, fear will keep you in panic mode. This limits your ability to think of a valid solution to your problem. Banish fear from your life, and open the door to creative financing (at the very least).

The final reason to banish fear is because it goes against the nature of the world. We are amidst an abundant life—truly abundant. You don’t have to live a life of scarcity unless you choose to. Believe in the abundance of the universe and it will be yours.

Okay! Now that we’ve got the fear-thing handled, are you ready to go? Great! Now that we know what NOT TO DO, what are some things that you actually CAN DO on your search for how to make money fast?

Tips to learn how to make money fast 

A person in the middle of the “how to make money fast” situation, is NOT the same person in the “I want to start a new business” situation. That distinction alone actually makes up our mind significantly about what to do (or not do) in this troubled moment. For example, you won’t be interested in starting up a corporation! You have no need for renting an office either, for that matter. You also probably don’t have time. Instead, you need an instant solution. Here are 4 solutions you can use today:

Solution 1

Is to borrow it. Don’t throw the idea away just because it seems obvious. One of the key tips I give to those seeking funding for their startup is, first and foremost: how much do you need? Less than 5-grand? Don’t seek an investor at all, and don’t go on Kickstarter. Just seek it from those around you.

Within this same solution is credit cards and cash advances. Normally these are toxic to good credit and healthy finances, but if you are launching a new venture, I say risk it (if—and only if—your idea is solid). Why? If it fails, you have only left yourself on the hook and no one else. The same is basically true for scrounging for cash. Can you find it on a credit card. Again, normally bad—I just wanted to mention it.

Solution 2

Is called a side-hustle. Here is an example. Go to the grocery store and buy a cooler full of ice, a large batch of bottles of water, and some rags or hand towels. Then go into the streets and sell a package deal of a bottle of water and a face cloth for $1 each. On a hot day, everyone wins. There are many side-hustles to choose from, that was just one.

Solution 3

Is how people make money every day: sales! Can you have a sidewalk sale? What about a yard sale? These are different in more ways than just the location. The yard things can be less than perfect—just things left around the house. But the sidewalk sale usually requires somewhat nicer things. Books are a great example. Sometimes you can find stores that will take your secondhand items and give some cash in return. It’s not a bad option.

Solution 4

Is one that I myself have used to round up a few thousand in a pinch. This works with NO NETWORK and NO PRODUCT to sell. The idea is one of service. What can you do, that other people find valuable and would actually pay for?

If you have a career or a business in a field that has a certain level of schooling behind it, for example, you can offer this at a rock-bottom, one-time-only price.

But how can you do this if you don’t have a skill or career going like that? Don’t worry! (Remember our lesson about fear.) What you can do in this case is to find a website that teaches you how to do something and then offer to do that for a friend or family member as a product/service. Here is what I mean.

Let’s say you find a site that teaches you how to publish a book (just like the Wisdom Times course – coming soon!). Then you call up your friends and you say, “Hey, family! I just went through an extensive program where I learned all there was to know about publishing a book. Although it normally costs a few thousand dollars, if you let me help you (and a couple of your friends) with one, I could do it for a couple hundred—as long as you give me some good testimonials.”

Now, here is the catch: you don’t actually need the testimonials. You don’t have to ever use them and you don’t have to go start a business about it, either. You ask for the testimonials because people always worry and wonder about why you are giving them such a good deal. They NEVER trust it. In the end they still might do the deal with you, but they will hesitate in the back of their mind. Plus, if they agree to give you a testimonial, they are pre-supposing you will do a good job. This is called front-loading and it means they are more likely to invite friends to get in on this good deal. That increases the money you can get up front, which may just solve your “how to make money fast” scramble.

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