How To Let Your Vision Statement Be The Guiding Force In Life

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Usually, when we hear the phrase “vision statement” our thoughts immediately go to a company. But did you know there’s more value in a personal vision statement than in the corporate type?

It’s true. Other than the fact that the corporate version is about someone else (whereas a personal one is about you), oftentimes a corporate vision statement is more of an afterthought. For you, however, your vision statement will be a guiding force that can literally change your life.

First, I’ll explain what it is, and then I’ll show you how to do just that.

A Vision Statement vs. A Mission Statement

Done properly, a vision statement becomes a new destination for you—a shining goal that first describes your utopia and then (when combined with your equally powerful Mission Statement) guides you there. So how does it work, and what are the differences?

Let’s begin with a quote from my own book, How to Become a SuperHero: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate You!

“Your vision is the future. Your mission gets you there. Your strategy is the way. Your tactics are the means. Changes in your strategy, mission or vision would be major decisions, and changes in your tactics and daily activities would be minor ones.”

Here is a breakdown of what that means….

We begin with the concept that your vision statement is your picture of the perfect future. Think of this time as being 5 to 10 years into the future. That’s the setting for your vision statement.

Next, realize that this is meant to be your perfect world. Your vision statement should convey that. In other words, what would it be like if you were living in your perfect world, now, today?

I really like a vision statement for the fact that it is an imagining of your best possible future. And also, that it is stated in the present tense. In other words as if it has already happened.

So perhaps you might say, “I am incredibly wealthy. I am more successful now than I have ever been at any point in my life. Millions of people have benefited by my work. I truly feel at peace and amazed by all that has happened. It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by everyone that loves you. We are all so healthy and happy and at peace. Truly it is an incredible existence.”

Present tense. Perfect world. Your life 5 to 10 years from now. That is a vision statement.

As I mentioned above, the vision statement is the direction in which we are headed, and the mission statement is the way we get there. The mission statement is the day-to-day doings that keep us on track and help us arrive at our goal.

By the way, this also makes both the mission and the vision statements very important. A good mission statement allows us to always ask the question, am I on track? And should always provide us an easy way to find the answer.

“Is this what I need to be doing now? Should I go this different path?” If those things are not in line with your mission statement, then you don’t do them. It’s just that simple.

The vision statement in today’s light

Back when I wrote the book, I didn’t have as much practice at this Law of Attraction thing as I do today. I was a very good manifester in the moment of need. But I had no concept of aiming towards a brighter future. I only handled what I had to handle at the moment.

It’s interesting, actually. I think it was Zig Ziglar who, in his book, “Over the Top” described this process. I was in survival mode basically. And yet at the same time I had access to amazing and magical powers. I could manifest anything or anyone at any time and yet I put no effort into designing a future for myself.

I guess, in a way, I never thought there was a need for planning the future, considering I could manifest anything I wanted. I can still do this—if anything the power has gotten stronger. But now I understand what a vision of the future can do for the world.

Taking a second look at my idea of a vision statement, now that I have this new information (and a desire to look ahead) I realize I have also learned something else along the way. The idea of focusing on your vision statement, is really what the Law of Attraction is all about. And actually in my own case, what my meditation is all about as well. When I meditate I only focus on my good, I only think about an amazing bright light and a happy future. It really does the trick.

The key difference, I think—now that I know how it relates to the power of The Universe—is that now when I do it, I imagine the entire Universe supporting me in my quest to achieve my goal. It’s like you are walking on the Earth, and the Earth is rising up to meet you at each and every step.

And remember, your mission statement was already designed to bring you to your vision statement. So as long as you keep on track by following that mission statement, you can be sure that you will reach your vision statement’s desired outcome. This is what they mean by “hold the vision, trust the process.”

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