How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl

how to keep a conversation going with a girl

Talking to a person you like can be hard for even the most confident person. Keeping a conversation going is an intimidating process, especially if you happen to have feelings for the person you are conversing with. Stammering over your words, making an awkward joke, or fearing the dreaded long silence, can all deter you from keeping a conversation going.

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

8 different ways of how to keep a conversation going with a girl

It can be difficult to break the ice and keep the conversation going with a girl you like. Your mind might sometimes draw a blank and the words don’t flow out easily. Avoid these awkward situations with these simple tips:

1. Don’t filter yourself

One of the most important steps in how to keep a conversation going with a girl is to make sure you don’t filter yourself too much. Filtering your conversation a bit is necessary (just on the basis of keeping things appropriate), but other than that, don’t let yourself stray from conversations that might typically be hard to have.

If you really want to open up the floodgates, discuss any and everything—the more you get to know one another, the better the conversation will be.

2. Ask questions

Questions that require thought are the best things to focus on when it comes to keeping up a conversation. Rather than ask yes or no questions, try bringing up questions that require a bit more thought. Instead of, “Do you like your job,” try “Why did you choose your particular career field?” instead. Focusing on asking her questions that have more depth is the best way to get to know one another, and it will certainly keep the conversation going.

When you ask questions that require thought and more than a one-word answer, you are opening a world of conversational possibility. When you ask thought-provoking questions, it allows her to ask you the same (or similar), which invites an entire conversation to grow.

3. Tell your story

It can be hard to ask the right questions when you are first getting to know someone. In that case, it is okay to focus on yourself a bit. By telling your story, you will encourage your new friend to open up a bit with her story as well. Instead of asking her a million rapid-fire “getting to know you” questions, try discussing a bit about your childhood, or explain why you chose the major you studied in college.

By sharing your story, you will come across common interests and inspire her to share similar facts about her own life. Storytelling is an art—why not practice it?

4. Discuss mutual interests

Once you come across those mutual interests, discuss them! Do you and your love interest share a favorite television show? Discuss the theories surrounding your favorite characters, or ask her what she thought about a particularly compelling storyline. If you happen to share a few favorite television shows, ask her for recommendations of what to watch next, or offer her some recommendations of your own.

If you both love to hike, bike, or run, share stories from the first time you ran a half-marathon or ask her what her favorite hike in town is. There are plenty of things to discuss, but if it happens to be your passion, you will likely have an easier time keeping on the subject.

5. Bring up world issues

Though it can be a tricky subject, discussing world issues is actually a great way to keep up a conversation with someone you are interested in. Remember to stay respectful, kind, and appropriate when discussing worldviews and politics.

If you keep that in mind, discussing world issues is a great way to keep a conversation going. There is never a shortage of issues to discuss and you do not necessarily have to stay controversial. Instead of asking her directly who she supports for public office, try asking her what issues she finds most relevant to our future. If she is open to discussing these things with you, gently ease into the subject.

6. Be confident

If you are confident, keeping a conversation going will be much easier. Though confidence is not something that comes naturally to each of us, giving yourself a pep talk before you talk to the object of your affection can actually be very helpful.

Go over a few things you know that you can speak to (your career, your family, your favorite film, etc.) and remember that it is okay to strike out once or twice. Not every subject that is interesting to you will be interesting to her—and vice versa! It is okay to not have a perfectly scripted conversation (in fact, it is probably better that way). Be confident in who you are and what you are discussing and the rest will feel effortless.

7. Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is key when maintaining a conversation. Speaking with a clear, strong voice and a bundle of energy will help you in the long run. Being enthusiastic will make any conversation worth having, even if you are discussing something not necessarily super interesting.

If you are chatting with a coworker in the break room, enthusiasm will help you out immensely. Work is not necessarily the best place for a riveting conversation—but your enthusiasm will change all of that and likely brighten her day.

8. Prepare for silence

And when all’s said and done, remember that it is okay to experience silence when having a conversation. There is nothing like a riveting conversation but there is something special about comfortable silence as well. If there is a bit of silence in between conversations, or while you are driving in the car with someone, or on a walk through a park, enjoy the beauty of being with your thoughts. Don’t sweat it.

Final thoughts

Knowing how to keep a conversation going with a girl can be hard, but by following the above tips, reminding yourself to be confident (and allowing yourself to simply be yourself), you will be great in no time.


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