How to Jump Start a New Life

Start a New Life

Have you ever wondered how to leave your past behind and start a new life? All of us at one point or the other have felt stuck in a rut and felt helpless in the flow of life.

As the adage goes, “we run twice as hard to stay in the same place.” Lack of energy and motivation to make positive changes mean that we limit ourselves to leading the same routine every single day. We become listless and even the simplest of chores seem challenging to accomplish. Try to boost your self-confidence and make yourself a better person.

Uma, my friend, described to me how exactly she was feeling a few months ago. She had just lost her husband and without children or family to count on, she suddenly found her life meaningless and worthless and she just could not figure out how to live the remaining life.

Luckily she did find the positive route to start a new life. Uma eventually saw that life is full of boundless possibilities and each one of us can make our lives more rewarding.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Here are 7 Ways in Which you Can Put your Life in Gear and Start a New Life

  1. The drudgery of life leaves us with little time to think creatively. Allot a day to yourself and cut yourself away from all disturbances to reinvent yourself. Go to a place where you can think and write down things that are important in your life—your priorities, passion, hobbies, relationships, leisure activities etc.
  2. Write down the things you want to achieve for the important things in life and what you are already doing to achieve the same.
  3. Analyze and write down 5 most important things you still need to be doing for the important things in life.
  4. Think of a mantra encapsulating the purpose of your life
  5. Repeat it to yourself at every opportunity and put it up in a place where you can constantly read it.
  6. Too many goals may seem intimidating. Set up small, achievable, realistic goals and a time-period you hope to achieve the goal in. It may be as simple as learning a new skill or achieving a particular level of physical fitness.
  7. Breaking a big goal into smaller parts makes it easy to achieve.

De-clutter and Start a New Life

Eliminate all clutter from your life. Identify the essential things in life and get rid of the rest. It may start with clearing your closet or attic of things you do not use or need and terminate with getting rid of a bad habit. Start your new life simple.

When starting a new life, make sure that you are careful who you let in and out of your life.

As a seed buried in a earth cannot imagine itself as an orchid or an hyacinth neither can a heart packed with hurt and negative feelings imagine itself beyond love or at peace. So, start a new life with a positive attitude and strong mind.

Understand that it is your life and you only have one shot at it. So, why not make the most of it while you still can?  Start a new life and have a blessed life always.

Find a way to put one foot in front of the other and move forward. Changing the negative steps that run in your head can change how you physically feel. Accept the change and start your new life with a new horizon.

Create a Social Circle

Having a group of well-meaning and like-minded people goes a long way in making life less stressful and even rewarding with beautiful experiences.

Make sure to take the time to go out and visit places where you are likely to meet people to interact. Take a leap of faith in yourself and be bold in your decisions and options to start a new life.

You have to live your life whether it is a smooth ride or not. Do not get so engrossed in working towards your goal that you forget to enjoy your life.

The end is just the beginning once you have done it—once you have started your new life—you will be back where you started. Starting a new life for whatever reason can be difficult to anyone.

Start Small

Do not get discouraged if the goal seems intimidating. Take baby steps towards the goal and persist in getting just a little nearer to your goal every single day.

It is amazing how the sum total of small achievements adds up to a lot! The changes you will make successfully will be the changes you want to make. You won’t start your new life by making a change if someone else is forcing it on you. So again focus on what you desire.

Find Inspiration

Motivate yourself to do better. Perfection is something we can only aspire to, but improvement is something each of us can work towards. If self-motivation does not work, look to others for inspiration and encouragement.

Put your efforts to learn new skills and tools to be able to deal with any challenge life throws at you. They can help you to become your best by affecting your behaviour.

Develop The ‘Can Do’ Instinct and Start a New Life

Incredible successes in life have been achieved with the power of positive thinking. Setbacks are but steps to success. In life, success goes to the individual who thinks he or she can win.

Hence look for the good in every situation and plug along your chosen path to start a new life. Creating an actual plan will help you stick with your goals for the future. So, prioritize your goals and start your new life.


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