How to Improve Relationship with your Spouse

Improve Relationship with your Spouse

When did you last give your spouse a genuine and heartfelt compliment? Most people want to have a great marital relationship in their heart of hearts and yet they treat their spouse like a piece of furniture in the house. Not a great way to treat a valued relationship, is it? So how to improve relationship with your spouse?

Build a Positive Mental Image

Consciously remind yourself about your spouse’s positive qualities on a regular basis. Whenever you get tempted into judging him negatively and blaming him for his weaknesses or mistakes, remind yourself that he is only human and has his share of good and bad qualities.

This will enable you to form a positive image of your spouse in your mind and that is what lays the foundation of a good relationship as well. Unless this inner work is done, any external efforts you make to improve your marriage (like taking a vacation or spending quality time together) will only be superficial and will only give temporary results.

Once you have that positive image in your mind, your spouse will automatically get positive and uplifting vibes from you which will make your interactions a pleasant and welcome experience.

Criticism Ruins it All

Keep the criticisms and judgments to the minimum, and only share them if absolutely necessary since they will impact your relationships quite negatively.

If your goal is to have a positive relationship with your spouse, then remember that criticism can ruin the positive dynamic you constructed. If you absolutely must convey some improvement-related feedback to your spouse, do so carefully and gently so as not to hurt his feelings.

Lift Him Up Rather than Breaking Him Down

For parents, a child is the most important person in the world. When there is so much love in one’s heart, one automatically tends to overlook the weak points and highlights and encourages the positives in an individual just like loving parents tend to do.

This is exactly what spouses need to do for each other since they typically replace parents in an individual’s life, especially these days in nuclear homes. Women, especially, need husbands to value them since they have to move away from their parents when they get married.

If the vibes one gets at home are positive and encouraging, a virtuous cycle starts to operate in a person’s life. The opposite also holds true. When our spouse doesn’t value and treat us well, we feel low and unimportant. These emotions affect all the aspects of our life and the overall experience of our entire life gets impacted negatively.

Conclusion – Improve Relationship with your Spouse

Relationships form a very central part of our lives. The relationship with your spouse, especially, is the most central part of our emotional world, whether we see it that way or not. Keeping it positive is extremely important as well as beneficial for an individual.

Consciously, focus on your spouse’s positives and ignore his areas of opportunity so you can build a strong and genuinely positive foundation for your relationship. This inner work, done regularly, can work wonders for your marriage and your life.

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