How To Deal With Depression

How to deal with depression, dealing with depression

To properly understand how to deal with depression, we must first understand exactly what it is. The human mind and heart are a combination of various emotions and feelings. There is a constant fight between the two. When both find balance we feel happy. On the contrary, if the mind overpowers the heart, we feel deeply hurt, resulting in a behavioral change. We get angry, sad, frustrated, disappointed, and restless. This results in low self-esteem, and a casual approach towards life. In medical terms this is called Depression.

The fast-paced lifestyle, our hunger for early success and unlimited access to technology has changed our lives drastically, affecting everyone being children, youth or elders.

The worst hit are our youth and our elders who more easily give up instead of facing the realities of life. Let’s look at how to deal with depression in these modern times.

What causes depression?

Some factors that contribute to depression are:

• Poor grades at school and the over-expectations of parents

• Non-achievement of set goals

• Live-in relationships

• Aggression

• Failure in marriage or love

• Intolerance

• Loneliness

• Disrespect shown by children towards parents or grandparents

• Financial dependence of parents on children in old age

• Illness

• Sudden demise of near-and-dear ones

People can be classified into 3 categories

1. People with a practical approach towards life (they are slightly affected),

2. People with an emotional approach (they are severely affected).

3. People with a combination of the two (they are affected but mend themselves in a timely manner)

Nonetheless, all the three type of people have “dreams” as a common factor. Dreams, if not fulfilled to the expectation level, can lead to depression.

Symptoms of depression

Depression is a kind of mental instability, if cured at an early stage, it does not turn serious.

Here are some symptoms of depression and if you answer “yes” to most of these questions, then you may be affected by depression and should seek help:

1. Feeling of helplessness

2. Feeling neglected or unwanted

3. Low confidence

4. Lack of interest towards routine activities

5. Mood swings

6. Trivial problems seems very large

7. Feeling of guilt, regret, self-pity and insecurity

8. Having negative thoughts

9. Lack of sleep, loss of appetite, headache, body-ache and acidity

10. Frightening dreams

11. Lack of sex drive

12. Not opening up easily with near-and-ear ones.

13. Lack of enjoyment in things you enjoyed the most

14. Getting annoyed at the slightest provocation

How to deal with depression

So how to deal with depression? Depression not only causes mental agony but gravely affects the quality of life of the suffering person and their family. In this situation the family should play a sensible role by acting patiently. Here are few steps that will help in how to deal with depression.

1. Family support

Love is the mantra. Showing endless love and affection, appreciation of efforts, and support during difficult times makes the depressed person realize that he/she is very important to you. It will build their self-confidence and help them to come out of their inferiority complex. This will show them the right path towards life and provide the strength to fight the odds.

The family should help in uncovering the innermost feelings and make the person realize that most of the thoughts are imaginative and are adding to the problem. Open talk with the affected person will bring relief from the stressed-out situation and will create a new, positive, vision towards life.

2. Natural cure

Depression to a major extent can be cured in a natural way.

– Exercise regularly and have a balanced diet. This will control mood swings.

– Practice meditation in a natural and peaceful environment.

– Take regular walks early in the morning at the time of sunrise and enjoy the beauty of nature.

– Praise the creations of God and appreciate what you have.

– Chant some mantras or sing devotional prayers, read motivational books and think positively.

3. Medical help

In some cases counseling becomes necessary, and medical help can work miracles. Counselors advise some simple steps on how to deal with depression. The person under depression needs to be closely monitored to prevent suicidal tendencies. The process might last a few months, depending on the person’s state but the outcome is a more-confident person.

Hopefully these tips with how to deal with depression. Lastly “Self help is the best help”. So stand up right now. Take a pledge that you will help yourself and others to come out of this darkness and will move towards a new horizon with a positive approach.

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