How do You Prioritize Your Goals in Life?

Life is a treasure of wishes, desires, dreams and goals to be achieved but achieving every goal or desire is neither essential nor possible. Moreover, the burden of ambitions to achieve every goal you wish for is huge enough that will never let you enjoy even a moment of relaxation.

How do You Prioritize your Goals in Life

To have a beautiful, accomplished and satisfying life, you need to prioritize your goals in life. Set an aim to achieve the goals in the order of their necessity and importance in your life. See achieving goals as the way you can keep your life going and more fulfilling. And if you think chasing too many goals at a time is bad, having none is even worse.

Working to achieve a number of goals is quite frustrating and does no good to you and your surroundings. The cure is with you and quite simple; just cut down the list of goals to be achieved and make it look manageable and hence, achievable.

Create a list of all goals in your mind

Sit down quietly, take a pen and paper and start with writing the goals you are going to start. However, create a category of personal and professional goals as they both go hand-in-hand.

What you count as a Goal

Before you list your goal, first see if you are listing real goals or just including your routine jobs in your list of goals. Things like going to work or completing your daily household chores are not goals. Goals are those tasks that you want to accomplish but they require your efforts and time. They are long-term tasks.

Your goals may be getting a new qualification, or achieving the top position in your next examination, losing 10 Kg, writing a book, going on a trip, renovating your house and so on.

Once your list gets ready, you will see that there are some goals that have been pending for years.

Prioritize your goals in Life

When you see your list of goals, you might find it difficult to achieve all of them. Now, cut down your list to some of the most important and most desirable goals. Think of achieving one goal at a time.

Find out the best way to prioritize your goals in life—like you can choose to do most important goal first or the smallest goal first or a goal that can give your life a big boost. It is your choice how you prioritize your goals in life.

If you have some goals and targets in your life which can be crucial in your life, they are the most important goals.

If you want a certain position in your career at a certain point of time, it is important that you obtain the essential qualification and expertise at the right time. Your priority in your life should be to obtain the qualification, education, and expertise that can lead you to that position.

Similarly, if you want to buy a house in a particular location, it is important that you work hard to earn the required amount of money.

Another criteria for prioritizing your goals can be achieved by reaching those smaller goals that can create a “snowball” effect for bigger things on your agenda. Winning a prize in a musical event can lead you to gain prestigious assignments if you are aiming to be a singer.

However, sometimes, we end up working with so many smaller goals and do not find time for bigger, more important goals.

Your priority should be doing a task that is important and also create a big impact in your life in immediate future.

Planning milestones for your goal

Now when you have prioritized your goals, it is important that you chalk out a plan that leads you in the right direction. If this is a small goal, set a deadline and if it is a bigger goal like having a certain professional position, work towards having desired qualifications.

Similarly, you can prioritize a second important goal that you can work upon along with the first goal. However, first assess your energy level. If your health and other circumstances do not allow you to commit to two goals at a time, focus on the first important goal only at a time.

Working on more than one goal simultaneously can lead to struggle and higher stress levels.


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