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get organized

We all have 24 hours in the day to do the best we can. Most of us would have, at some time or the other, longed for an extra hour to complete what absolutely has to be done. We get stressed and break down trying to get some order into our lives and to slow down.

So “how do I get organized ?”  We answered this partially in our earlier post, where you learned how to utilize your day to the fullest.  Let’s now look at some more tips on getting organized and saving time.

The old adage says, ‘A wise man takes time to hone his axe before chopping down a tree.’

This proverb reflects the need to get organized before undertaking any task in order to perform it in the best possible manner. If we are efficient, we find ourselves less stressed and able to do a lot more, more efficiently.

Tips to get organized and save time

Saving time is a misnomer since we cannot really save time. What we can do is maximize what we can do with each golden moment made available to us with some easy tips on organizing our lives:

1. Declutter

Have a closet full of clothes and yet nothing to wear? Clear out your closet and make three piles:

  • What can still be worn as it is,
  • What can be worn with a few changes and finally
  • What absolutely needs to be discarded.

Mend what you can still reuse, but be firm and give away what you cannot use—this applies not only to clothes but just about everything we surround ourselves with.

Clear out old documents, broken furniture, old clothes, old cosmetics—just about anything you have not used for the last 6 months.

With your living areas free from clutter and with fewer things to care for, you would be surprised how much lighter and more in control you feel. You will save a lot of time locating things and avoid unnecessary tension.

2. Use Technology and Keep it simple

The best possible solutions to any problem are usually the most simple. Technology offers us so many conveniences. Take the load off trying to remember important numbers, dates etc., by making use of diaries and mobile reminders.

Your smartphone could be an excellent tool to stay organized. It has a lot of features to manage your tasks and calendar.

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3. Use the Internet

Use the internet to do your shopping, to make utility payments, to communicate with large groups.

Make use of online banking to pay insurance premiums, loan installments and credit card dues.

4. Have a system for everything

Have a system for everything. Keep unpaid bills, unanswered letters and memos in one file and the paid receipts in another.

Mark certain places for important things and keep those things in their proper place. It saves you time in searching for car keys, school fee receipts, warranties etc.

5. Store your Warranties and other Maintenance papers separately

Store home-maintenance papers like warranties and manuals should be stored in a convenient place to locate when required.

6. Arrive Early

Keep at least 15 minutes leeway while driving to keep important appointments. You feel less frazzled and more in control should you be held up on the way.

7. Be Prepared

Keep lists of tasks to be done in order of importance and cross out completed tasks. Reviewing the “to do” list regularly gives us an idea of what is left to be accomplished and keeps us from wasting time. Reviewing the crossed-off tasks at the end of the day gives us a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Keeping points for discussion handy is another way to be well-organized so that you will get your point across in a convincing manner.

8. Delegate

You can break the task into small parts and delegate some of them to others. This can help you to focus on your work better.

9. Keep separate files

Unpaid bills, installments and such routine papers must be kept separately in a place for easy reference and prompt payment. You can even assign certain days for paying bills.

10. Plan everything in life, even household expenses

Plan your household budget.  Learn how to make a household budget and stay on top of  your money.

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The  process of saving money for retirement should also be on autopilot. Plan your retirement.


Hopefully these tips helped answered some your questions on how you can get organized. Organizing skills can be learnt by anyone. In this task, you need to adopt the kaizen principle (that of continuous, sustained improvement).


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