Hold Onto Hope When Life Drains You Out

Hold onto Hope

When it hurts, it hurts badly. Only in bad situations, we come to know our strengths, our weaknesses and power to go on. We do get hurt in our lives. Hold onto hope when life drains you out. Letting go of your past and moving on is knowing in your heart that there is  a bright future ahead.

Yes, we are human and we are hurt by someone’s words, action or the circumstances that we are in. Although it is a fact (and you have to live with it) it does not mean that you are in a state of hopelessness.

Through love, through hope, and faith’s transcendent power, we feel that we are greater than we know. ~ William Wordsworth (Tweet this)

Feelings can definitely overpower us under harsh circumstances or when we do not have any control on certain events or persons.

Finding hope

Let me tell you about my friend. Well, she had this terrible road accident and was in a serious condition. The doctor declared that she would not be able to walk for the rest of her life and even her face was marred badly. Yes, she was going down as she knew she was in a condition where she did not have any hope of recovery.

It was too much to handle for a girl who was fun-loving and always wanted to try something new. A girl, who loved adventure and had plans to be a sportsperson, had too much to handle.

But, she never gave up, she always said I will find ways to come out of the situation and one day she did stand on her feet! Well, what was that? It was, of course, hope; the hope of standing on the field someday.

Hold onto hope  for life only moves in one direction—forward.  This challenge is your chance to let go of the old and make way for the new.  Your destiny awaits your decision.

Rising above hopelessness

The girl’s condition would have led her to hopelessness or worst. Yes, I know there are situations like your loved ones do not respect you or you have lost all your money or maybe you did not get the right job. All this definitely makes you feel hopeless.

So how do you deal with such circumstances? Hold onto Hope! Yes, hope is the only solution for it. Besides, your actions also count. Try to accept things as they are and if you are not happy about it, you have to try to find ways that will change the situation the way you want. You do feel low and hopeless, but remember you will get your chance again.

Take control of yourself

Never think in negative ways. I have seen people saying, “I’ll never be happy,” “there is no use trying,” “I am tired of trying anything.” These statements are the result of your hopelessness. You just isolate yourself and stop believing in yourself. You stop doing anything at all. As a result you are in a depression and down in a state of pity. You definitely do not want this right?

Hold onto hope .You have to live with yourself. You have to live with the voice in your gut, your inner wisdom, that says you gave up too soon or did not try hard enough. When you hear this inner voice speaking to you, it’s usually right. It’s your choice, then, to get up and keep moving forward.

You might ask how you can come out of grief without feeling hopeless. Just look around you, there is no person in the world who is always happy all the time. There are thousands of people struggling in life and overcoming the hurdles.

Yes, you might have lost your loved one, yes they won’t come back. If you can accept that, it will be easy for you. You have to get up and face reality; you have to lead your life with hope. Your thoughts for hopelessness will never let you focus on things that are right.

Help yourself

We all are high achievers and do not want to ask for help—but do it. It is courageous and there is someone who will help you out. Remember, certain things take time and be hopeful as this is the only trait that will take you through the difficult times. Stay with friends or change your environment, it helps.

Believe in yourself and keep hoping for the best. Hope is the only way out when you are struggling in the mire of hopelessness. Hold onto hope as life is all about having the will to continue in spite of the obstacles.

The one thing that tells you to keep going—to hold onto hope to get up tomorrow and to keep moving forward—is your faith. Realize this before it is too late. Faith gives you the boost to carry on and if you truly believe, your dreams manifest!


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