A Healthy Relationship and Financial Stability

Healthy Relationship, Financial stability

Even in a healthy relationship, there can be issues. That is quite natural as not all individuals are similar and if they live together things are not going to be simple. There needs to be effort on both sides to adjust to the new situation.

One of the most important issues that come into a healthy relationship is money.

Yes, those in love (even in a healthy relationship) do not often think of monetary issues while dating or sometimes even after they’re married. The issue arises most often, however, when they start living together or are committed in a marriage.

Money vs the healthy relationship

Of course, it is natural to say that money either makes you happy or sad.  It truly does affect a relationship if there is less or more money. A perfect marriage or healthy relationship can be destroyed if there is financial insecurity or on the other hand it can create a very happy one if there is stable income flow and a bright career.

Both the people in a relationship may sometimes not be from the same financial background, so after the initial courting stages, things become black and white and their comfort level gets affected. Such a situation can arise when there is not sufficient income or the salaries are not enough to live the lifestyle that they have been living thus far.

Issues also arise when one of them is out of a job. The earning by one and spending by another can take its toll on a healthy relationship. Managing the finances become difficult and there are conflicts that arise out of petty things like clothes, food, rent, car, and other things.

Managing to live

Love is the key to a healthy relationship. Love is blind in the initial stages, but as you start living the life, you will know the adjustments that you make, the limitation that comes when you want to go for shopping, or spending on things that you love, but are now not very able.

You may have to manage the finances and save as well. Sometimes, couples in a healthy relationship are able to manage it, while some couples simply cannot live that way.

Managing finances

If you want to be in a healthy relationship there should be sacrifices and learning to understand the other person and think of them before yourself. Well that is love, I think, and if you love someone more than anything else and want to be there with him/her, then other things simply do not get the importance.

Balanced thinking and living is essential here. Only one of you in a healthy relationship cannot take all the burden of earning, and only one of you cannot simply just go spend it. The money is for the both of you and so it should be spent in such a way that it does not strain your healthy relationship.

Manage a budget flow

A steady income is necessary to chalk out a budget. If both partners are working or have a business, then things can be very well managed. Both need to realize how much spending is enough and the restrictions to be put on. For a healthy relationship both parties need to be part of the budget management.

The secret of money management is to make the right decisions at the right time and be happy about it. Discussing the bank account, debt, your home, job, kids, and savings from time to time is important. The changes need to be made often as inflation is always poking its head into people’s lives. Teamwork is necessary when there is a crisis.

Hard times come to all and they need to be addressed. So plan ahead. Understanding each other and with a little adjustment, couples can have a healthy relationship in any financial condition.

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