Healthy Living for Kids – How to Bring Up Healthy Children

Healthy living for kids

Unlike yesteryear, modern living in urban and (sometimes other) areas promotes ill health. Eating the wrong foods and watching television or surfing the internet or playing video games all play a negative role.

Healthy living for kids demands good nutrition—or even better an active lifestyle. For parents the first goal should be to raise healthy children (as children are the future of the world).

Begin from day one

From the time a child is born, parents need to adopt healthy habits and lifestyles. It is all about eating healthy, leading an active life, and all-around development. So think about aspects like balanced diets, avoiding foods with coloring and preservatives, processed foods and so on.  Healthy foods are an integral part of healthy living for kids.

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Learn what essential nutrients for healthy development and growth are, ensure that the whole family eats a balanced meal. Doctors as well as school teachers are good resources to guide you.

Each child is unique so what works for one may not be suitable for another. Even if you are a working parent, plan the child’s day to include: time spent outdoors (vitamin D from sunshine does wonders—also fresh air), play time, and more.

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Healthy children need activities

Healthy living for kids demands outdoor activities. Living in a city should not make you or the kids into indoor beings. Be proactive and plan activities that nurture healthy children; try playing games in the park; experiment with skating; take the kids swimming; there are many options.

Find out what the kids enjoy, expose them to the possibilities of the great outdoors,Ensure that every day the family day includes 30-60 minutes of exercise and preferably outdoor exercises. Encourage interest in playing sports rather than watching TV. Curtail television viewing and video games.

A friend discovered that her kids never played when they were outdoors, just sat around with video games. She got worried as one child had juvenile diabetes, so she decided to cut back on her own routine and play with the two children.

Each day she would come back from work and go with the children to the nearby park and play running games with them and on vacation she enrolled the whole family in a sports camp so that they stayed together and played together.

Embrace holistic living

Embrace holistic living by leading a balanced life that is free of stress. Know your children and learn to look for signs of discomfort, ill health, and unhappiness. Use the infinite knowledge of the internet to make meals interesting for the children.

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Limit television viewing and avoid meals in front of the TV. Track the child’s overall development: physical growth, mental well being, and so on.

Don’t worry if the child does not match the charts, some children are quick while others catch up in their own time. Even urban spaces have options for fitness and healthy children—explore the nearby parks, gyms, and clubs.

Encourage the kids to take up a sport they enjoy—tennis, cricket, basket ball, gymnastics, karate—the options are numerous. Make the effort and soon you and the kids will glow with good health and vitality. Take healthy living for kids seriously.

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