How To Be Happy Being Single

happy being single

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security. ~ John Allen Paulos (Tweet this)

It is hard to be single sometimes. The world around you may seem coupled up, everyone in love, no one else alone. Though most people can simply step back and realize that not everyone is actually in a relationship, it is common to become down on yourself about being alone or being single.

There is nothing wrong with being single. You can be happy being single, and the sooner you can feel comfortable in that title, the better.

Single is not a status. It is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others. ~ Prixie (Tweet this)

You can be happy being single … here’s how:

Here are some steps to help you remember why being single is a good thing.

1. Remember that you are not alone

When someone is single, it is easy to feel like the only single person in the world, but that is far from the truth. There are over 7 billion people in the world; you are never alone. There are millions of people that are single, for millions of reasons. Relish in that.

2. Remember that you did not settle

There are people that would have happily been with you forever. There are people who would have loved to be your partner. There are people you have turned down, and there are people who have turned you down. Everything is okay. If you are single, at any age, remind yourself that you made that decision, at least at some point.

Being single doesn’t mean that you know nothing about love. Sometimes being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship. ~ Unknown (Tweet this)

3. Remember that you are independent

Flirting, hanging out with your pals, staying in and watching Netflix all weekend? No matter what you choose to do, you are choosing it alone! And that is a great thing. Being alone  is always viewed sadly, and though it can be lonely, being alone is not always such a bad thing. Alone, you can do exactly what you want, or need, at any point in your day. Take advantage of being alone. Stay happy being single. Take care of yourself.

4. Recognize your free time

When you are single, there is no one to consult about how or what you should be doing in your spare time. If you are single, you can get a second job, you can spend time with your pals, you can go to the gym, or you can watch ten movies in a weekend. Or you can do all of that! Being in a relationship certainly has its benefits, but if you remind yourself of how much free time you have while single, you will quickly remember that it is not so bad.

5. Remember that being single is not expensive

Being in a relationship definitely has its perks, but so does being single. After a while, you and your partner inevitably split the bill. There are holidays (lots of them!) and birthdays and graduations and promotions and his or her family’s events. Being in a relationship can cost a lot of money, but being single? You only have to pay for yourself, always! It may be materialistic, but it is certainly a perk.

6. Friendships become stronger

Though most of us strive not to be the kind of person that is always with their partner, it is also unavoidable at some point in a relationship. When you are single, your friends get the A+ treatment they deserve. If you want to hang out with your lady friends, or you want to go out with your guys, you are absolutely able to do so with no consultation necessary. Soak it up and stay happy being single.

7. Remember that your day is in your control

Being in a relationship, or being extremely emotionally close to someone else in general, can be kind of a downer. If you and your partner are fighting, or if your partner has a bad day, your day can be completely changed, for the better or for the worse. Though it is nice to be able to be happy for someone else, if it is a negative feeling, your day can be ruined just because of someone else.

When you are single, you are fully in control of your own day. If you have a bad day, you can go home after work and not talk to anyone. If you are having a great day, you can go out with your pals after work for dinner or a drink. You are in full control of however you are feeling and what you will do to enhance that feeling.

8. You can enhance your own life

Speaking of enhancing feelings, when you are single, you are in full control of your future. You can seek new jobs in New York City. You can enter contests to win money. You can decide to throw yourself into a new hobby, whether it be knitting, running, or volunteering. Everything you have always wanted to do, you can do it without taking away from someone’s time with you. That bucket list of yours? Start on it!

9. Remember that you are confident

Being content with singlehood really does require a lot of confidence. It is easy to see couples together and feel very alone, though that is not the case. Remind yourself that being alone is a natural choice for your current phase of life. Remind yourself that being alone does not make you sad or strange. Remind yourself that being single makes you stronger and allows you to let yourself reflect on what you genuinely need from your next relationship. Remember that you are strong and confident.

10. Remind yourself that there is more out there

Though it is extremely cliché, there are more fish in the sea. Being single can be hard, and it is hard to be alone at events or when all of your other friends are in relationships. Do not worry about it. You will meet the right partner at the right time, eventually.

Flying solo can be challenging. But take control and learn to be happy being single. Invest in yourself. Let it go for right now, and relish this special phase in your life!


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