5 Ways For Recreating A Happier Life

5 Ways For Recreating A Happier Life_C_240485803

How happy are you with your life? Better yet, do you know what it even takes to be truly happy? It seems the majority of the world is frantically running after this thing called happiness and has anyone even asked what for? What is this thing we call happiness and how will we even know if we’ve found it? How do we live a happier life?

To clear things up here is the actual meaning of happiness: happiness is, the overcoming of not unknowable obstacles toward a known goal.

It is truly that simple.

However, so many have turned this incredibly simply phenomenon into the most complex. Happiness is not an emotion; it is the result of an achievement. If it’s that simple, then why do we struggle?

Well, here’s the problem. This “known goal” that people are chasing is completely unknown to them. Not only that, it’s been set in place by others; society, family, parents, friends, media and more.

In other words, rare is it that someone is happy, because normally they are on a futile chase toward a goal they didn’t even decide for them selves. It’s kind of like me telling you when to eat and what to eat. How can I possibly understand your entire physiology, needs, and desires? I don’t even know you.

That’s what has happened to so many. Before they were ever hungry for a creative solution to designing a life, they were force-fed the answer. Would you digest even the most wholesome meal if it were forced upon you, when you didn’t have a natural hunger? Likely not.

As you can see, it’s truly no wonder why so many individuals are unhappy with their lives—they didn’t create it out of their own desire, love and creativity. And here’s a bit of wisdom; anything we have to do, we are not free to do.

If we are being told how to live a life and why, we are being made to do something, which will always feel like a struggle. Therefore, when recreating or creating a life it is imperative that one learns how to reclaim their decision-making power.

Thenceforth, we realize we are the only one who makes our lives happen. Just like we chose to listen to others about how to live a life, we must now take responsibility for listening to ourselves about how to live a life. This is self-determinism; this is the path to freedom and a life of bliss.

Are you ready?

Creating your happier life

We are the source of our happiness. If we recognize this by taking responsibility for agreeing to and choosing a life that wasn’t true to us, then we can dissolve the old and create a new.

If this seems scary, it’s because it is. Being 100% responsible for your life is a lot of responsibility. But here’s the thing, with responsibility comes power. With that power comes the ability to create a magical life, by being the creator of your life.

To be a creator means you have to stop being a victim. You cannot be both at the same time. This is your first choice: be a victim or creator. You decide.

If you’ve decided for the latter, then let’s get to work. Individuals who create their lives function less like robots and more like artists. They operate from an entirely different set of assumptions about how things are.

If you’re ready then adapt these assumptions for a period of time, investigate your results, and if you realize a happier life then feel free to use them for the rest of your life:

  • I am 100% responsible for creating my life and all involvements I participate in.
  • All of my perceptions are of my own view. They occur inside of me, they do not exist. With my influence and attention I create me.
  • Existence is what’s “out there.” It is the result of the process of creating my life.
  • My dreams and fantasies are of my own and occur exclusively inside of me.
  • I am always changing, expanding and growing.
  • I am not my body, I AM.
  • I am the source, which is the key to resourcefulness.

Creating your own destiny

True freedom comes from honest communication with others. When we are embroiled in managing other people’s view of us, we stay trapped in our minds. Not only does this make us slaves to opinions of others but also it is a complete waste of creative energy.

The whole thing is backwards and is a result from being afraid to be honest. Out of fear of being honest, we are inauthentic. Instead, we chase the endless opinions of success, happiness or what it means to “make it” by trying to make good impressions. But I ask you this, are you holy or wholesome?

If you want to create a life and design your destiny then you need to make another choice—the choice to speak the truth, whatever that is to you. That means giving up being holy, impressing others for the insignificance of appearing significant. It’s an illusion anyway. But that’s another hurdle, getting over the attachment to your illusions that have been set forth by other’s opinions.

This means being courageous, which there is no cure for. I cannot help you be courageous. However, once you have the courage to live entirely out loud and have escaped the self-created penitentiary of your mind, you can finally use the mind to do the work of creating a life of happiness.

Express yourself honestly, completely, and always.

5 steps for creating a life of happiness

Each of these steps is more of a starting point. You’ll have to proceed to do the work suggested here. If you thought you’d fix your life by reading an article on the Huffington Post, then you’re going to be let down. There’s no shortcut to enlightenment.

That being said, what you may find here is a breakthrough in learning. Hopefully I helped dissolve some limiting and rigid thinking pattern that perhaps provoked some bright insights. However, insights are only helpful until they are used up. You’ll have to commit to reoccurring insights and inspirations found in each moment of your life.

1. Confront and complete the past

The word confront means, to face. So often, we try to get rid of or run away from our problems when really they would vanish if we simply looked at them as they are. The key to confronting the problems of the past is to look at it, as is. We often make things a bigger deal than they really are; we see them in a state of altered-isness, which only makes the problem persist. Take a day or a week to confront one bit of unfinished business at a time, seeing it for what it is. For example, if there is a broken relationship, find out how you may have hurt that person; hear them out until you understand their point of view. Acceptance is the key to healing the past

2. Stop relying on faith; find things out and make things happen

Faith without action is just a dream. We all have this tendency to switch from one extreme to the other, action to faith. Relentless action leads to the point of burnout and pure faith can lead us astray—only hoping and not doing. If we really wish to live our best lives then we need to take 100% responsibility.

This means being more willing to be the cause of our life and less of the effect. Being the effect is saying that the cause of our life is due to something other than us. For example our family, the weather, society, other people and so on. This disempowers us and keeps us from our full creative power.

Make a list of areas in your life where you feel out of control and write down just one thing a day you could do in the moment to create more certainty in that area. Faith and affirmation should only be used in combination with inspired action.

3. Discover and cultivate your unique skills and talents

We need to have talents and skills that apply to the worlds we want to live in; otherwise, they become obsolete. We need something to align them with.

The best way to do this is make a list of what you feel the world/humanity needs. Then make a list of the skills and abilities you want to have. When you have found a match, get to work honing your craft, read as many books, take the courses, and seek out the mentors.

4. Create luck by planning for success

One of the best ways to improve your luck in life is to plan, then do, the work of the plans. There is enough unknown in the world, if you want to achieve happiness then you must realize there are always obstacles—both known and unknown—that are standing between us and it.

Find out what those obstacles are for you and break them down entirely. The best way to do that is to get very clear on your intentions. Write them down and then start getting to work. We often think more about our plans than we take action on them. Here’s a remedy for this and new mantra: stop wanting and starting doing.

5. Create a purpose statement that is helpful for your own survival and fulfillment

When we lack a sense of purpose, we feel lost without direction. Finding our purpose is our job, no one else’s. Here’s a secret, there is no special purpose that has been given to you. You were the one who created it. If you have forgotten it, you can start finding it again and keep it going or create an entirely new one that is more fulfilling.

There are many ways to create a purpose statement that will help you design a new purpose, discover a current one or rewrite an old one. The best way to do this is to write down your current skills and talents, the ways you like to express these talents, your story of the ideal world you wish to live in and finally a statement on how you wish to bring this world into being with your skills.

A final few words about creating your happier life—these are mere instruments for creating the future you envision. Keep the bullets here somewhere to be reviewed and most importantly, seek out ways to put them into practice. Do the research, experiment and create the live you’ve always envisioned—on your terms!

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