How to Handle Fame with Grace and Humility

“Fame doesn’t fulfill you. It warms you a bit, and that warmth is temporary.” ~ Marilyn Monroe (Tweet this)

Fame—elusive and passionately sought after—is not only about glamour, wealth, adulation and luxurious lifestyles. Yes, you can Handle Fame, but it is not an easy job.

Being famous is overwhelming, stressful and at times annoying too.

Fame brings with it a mixed bag of predicaments . . . some wonderful, some daunting, some terrifying and some soul-stirring.

But if you handle fame with grace, humility, and some amount of common sense, this beast can be tamed.

6-year old Brian took his toys apart and assembled them back again.  “I will become an inventor – you’ll be proud of me,” he told his parents with childlike confidence. 8-year old Gina wound and unwound the red stole on her shoulders until she was pleased.  She pouted appropriately, tilted her head and clicked a couple of selfies. She needed the practice . . . wasn’t she to become a famous actor?

With stars in their eyes and tantalizing dreams in their hearts, children very often, fantasize about becoming rich and famous.

Favorable Consequences of Fame

  • Economic status improvement –  Luxurious possessions, enviable lifestyle
  • Recognition and popularity whenever you interact with the public
  • Invitations to the most exclusive gatherings and functions
  • Sought after, worshiped and emulated by thousands
  • Fans who encourage, support and write to you, making you feel important and wanted

These are indeed coveted prizes.  But there is a scary downside to fame that eats into the lives of many.

Why fame harms

  • Fan following, mail and intrusion of privacy can become intimidating after some time
  • Those who want what you have will stay by your side only until they get it—sincere and helpful companions will become a rarity
  • Security issues, maintenance of image, lack of privacy for yourself and family, and the inability to let go of new luxuries you become accustomed to are other areas of concern
  • Being the butt of jokes and gossip
  • Inability to cope with sudden change of lifestyle leads to substance abuse

Handling the overwhelming emotional roller-coaster ride fame brings along with it is the secret of maintaining equanimity in fame.

Fame and Children

Child stars who acquired overnight fame like Shirley Temple, Lindsay Lohan, Judy Garland and Britney Spears were known for substance abuse—usually during adolescence.  A critical factor that leads to this could even be parents falling prey to habits that in no way help the child maintain her sense of well being.

Flushed with sudden prosperity, they may indulge in substance abuse, excessive spending, partying and mismanaging finance and much worse—making them work too hard to make even more money. There are also many instances of celebrity children suing parents for cheating.

Life is not simple when you are growing up famously.  You are always in the public eye.  For child celebrities, it is of paramount importance that parents/guardians shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the child’s emotional balance and help them handle fame.

Providing a home that exudes warmth and happiness, a support system that reassures the child of security and love are important steps in this direction.  Gentle and friendly coaxing of children, to make them realize that they are not demi-gods (and persuading them to be humble) helps children grow up into normal warmhearted, genuine and successful people.

There are also many child celebrities who, though achieving fame suddenly, have managed to hold their own and have found the equation to remain happy and successful: Leonardo Di Caprio, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mila Kunis and Emma Roberts are some examples.

Tips to Help You Handle Fame and Remain Emotionally Composed

“Talent is god-given. Be humble; Fame is man-given. Be greatful; Conceit is self-given. Be careful.” ~ John Wooden (Tweet this)

  • Be Grounded: Remember that the perfect image projected for the public is a mere illusion and the real you is a normal individual much less than perfect and vulnerable to the vagaries of time and destiny.
  • Friendship: Cultivate friendship with those who have only your welfare at heart. Parents who care more for the child than the money she brings in, friends not affected by the glitz, glamour and the adulation of the celebrity and managers who are efficient, sincere, sensible and capable fit this bill.
  • Social Welfare: Instead of soaking in the adulation and getting lost in self indulgence, use your money and influence over the masses to bring about a beneficial change in society. Campaign against social ills and involve yourself in selfless voluntary community service and charity events.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, sleep well, relax, and spend quality time with family and friends. Do not miss out on regular exercise and, whenever possible, some healthy outdoor sport.
  • Simplicity: Set out a simple daily routine for yourself, free yourself of egoistic trappings, avoid too much partying (however fascinating the reasons may be).
  • Plan Your Day: Plan your routine in a way that there is no place for boredom or idleness (both of which lead to loneliness, depression and maybe substance abuse).
  • Privacy: Keep your private life “private.”
  • Vacation: Plan holidays away from the limelight to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.
  • Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude and remain calm in the face of controversies, malicious gossip and hate campaigns.


A tough proposition, leading a happy life in the way mentioned above, but then fame always comes with a heavy price to pay. Handle fame responsibly so as to make a difference in your life and everyone’s life around you. Don’t let fame get the better of you.


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