How To Get Lucky In Life – The Ultimate Guide

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there were specific measures to get lucky in life? Yet, that word alone implies that there’s nothing about luck which is in our control. The truth is, luck is nothing more than opportunity met with awareness.

Consider a simple moment of mysterious luck: You’re walking through the park and you find a fifty-dollar bill on the ground. Lucky you! Or is there more to it than a blessing from the heavens? Of course there is.

Considering the components of luck, opportunity might not be in our control; however, our awareness is. Without awareness, the perfect opportunity could be right in front of our face—and usually is—but we would not see it.

A sharp awareness with a side of preparation is the secret formula for attracting better opportunity, seeing them and being lucky enough to seize them. If you want to get lucky in life, consider these practices:

1. Planning

When we plan and then do the work we planned . . . we get luckier.

Planning is precedent to the other practices to get lucky because planning allows us to practice other practices. By practicing planning we win more and increase the odds of getting luckier.

Really good planning takes into account how we can use the skills we have to bring our plans into a reality. Planning is the first step to bringing about a new reality because when we plan, we take into honest consideration what resources we have and the tools and equipment we have to work with in creating an outcome.

Planning helps us get to really know ourselves honestly, which helps us be more honest with others, making things happen effectively in alignment with our visions and plans.

Luck is getting what we plan for. Otherwise, if we got what we didn’t want, would we consider ourselves lucky?

In this way, honestly, luck is more about being prepared to receive what we honestly wish for. Planning is the best practice for increasing our preparedness.

2. Yoga

Traditional yoga is a spiritual practice, all which are designed in learning to control and direct our lives in some way.

  • Pranayama for example is designed in helping us control our breath.
  • Tantric yoga, to control and direct our sexual energy.
  • Raja yoga is the practice of controlling the mind by directing thoughts.

By pursuing a traditional yoga practice we learn to master our bodies as the operators. Yoga helps us step into our roles as the creators of our lives. Creators are not victims and victims cannot get lucky.

Victims are the “unlucky” ones who just have bad luck.

Creators on the other hand, can create their views, direct their appreciation and own their emotions. I’ve never seen a sad lucky person; however, a happy person is as lucky as they come.

If we wish to get lucky, we would be wise to take our rightly chairs as the creators of our lives.

3. Meditation

Above-mentioned, we spoke of Raja yoga as a form of meditation. However, meditation can take many forms; walking, dancing, art, and lovemaking can all be meditative. In fact, meditation is life!

The ultimate goal of meditation is to make all life meditative. When we practice letting the mind calm, we get better at getting out of our heads. Unless we are out of our heads we can never truly get lucky.

That’s because the mind sees life too limitedly. It is only when we are inspired, or in spirit, when possibilities and opportunities become infinite—thus, radically increasing our chances of luck.

4. Exercise

Clear body, clear mind. Exercising keeps our body young in a multitude of physiological ways. When our bodies are balanced hormonally—via exercise—we have more energy, which allows us to use our brains sharply.

When our bodies are not in balance, all energy is diverted inwardly to keeping the body alive. If we are in survival mode all the time, because we skip basic exercise then our brains don’t work to full capacity.

Exercising doesn’t need to be some obsessive, bootcamp-style design. Moving daily in the form of walking, running, dancing, surfing, swimming, hiking, sports and even playing with children are all simple and fun ways to keep our brains sharp. And when our brains are working optimally we plan better.

5. Keeping your word

If we cannot trust ourselves, we typically do not trust others. There’s no quicker way to become suppressive and introverted from life than to live in fear and distrust.

I’m not telling you that the world is perfect, but the world will respond how you expect it to. If you can start with keeping your own word, and finding trust within, it will be easier to have it in others.

When we trust ourselves, we feel secure, safe and validated within our own being. When we are rooted in our own word, we trust the world more with delivering us opportunity and assistance with our goals.

6. Complete what you start

Always complete what you start, otherwise, we have half-done and undone business hanging over your head. Unfinished business diverts our energy by pulling us backwards.

When our awareness is else where; like focused on that unfinished project or dirty bathroom, we become less alert to the present (where all luck resides).

7. Create your environment

People in good shape make their environment adapt to them, they do not adapt to the environment. The truth is, opportunity is all around, we just have to look.

A surefire way to get bad luck is to feel victim to your environment. You could say that lucky people, on the other hand, create luck.

One way to do this is to use the environment in your favor. Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Now that’s the advice of a lucky man. Getting lucky is about preparedness and opportunity. If you’re lacking an opportunity, create one.

8. Pursue meaningful work

You have one life, don’t waste it doing anything that isn’t meaningful to you. It’s a disservice to yourself, others and the greater good to not use your fullest potential and full heart.

There is enough goodness for all of us. Why pursue work that has no meaning when there is always something you can do with love? It doesn’t matter how important or small the work you do is, what matters is how much love you do it with.

If you wish to get lucky, give luck. The best way to do this is to pursue work with meaning and make someone feel lucky each day.

Today someone told me they stumbled across my blog and felt so lucky to have done so. My words touched them in the exact way they needed. This was one person, I didn’t save the world of suffering, but it sure felt like it. I immediately felt just as lucky. That’s because the hand that gives the rose also smells it.

9. Laughing a lot

This needs no explanation. Laugh until your face is sore. Why? Because you can—and you do not even need a reason. It’s pure medicine and has the alchemical power to turn any situation into the perfect one.

Why wait for luck when you can create it with a good laugh?

10. Telling the truth

It’s funny but not until a few months ago when my mentor asked me “what is a lie?” did I truthfully know. A lie could be described simply as denying what is.

For example, I am typing right now, I would by lying if I said I was not. The truth is what is. Why is this important? Because lying is one of—if not the major—causes of all stress.

  • When we are tired and say we are not, we lose sleep and create stress in the body.
  • When we are angry and say we are not, we suppress it and create stress in the body.

When we get really good at lying and storytelling, we can manipulate and stretch the truth so far that we even deceive ourselves. This is only bad news for us, not so much anyone else, that is, unless we start harming others with lies. Which is a total possibility.

We destroy intimacy in relationships with lies, we suffer at work when we lie and we struggle in general. When we face the truth and confront our limitations, we can grow and expand. If we lie or withhold the truth, we cannot change and become victims to ourselves.

Consider our limitations in the physical world such as gravity. When we confront these limitations, we are able to go around them. We build and use jumps, ramps, bridges, ladders and airplanes that use our limitations to our benefits. In this way, telling the truth gets us luckier because telling the truth empowers us to use what we have, not resist it.

11. Music

Most of us have experienced the energetic power of music. Music is one of the few things that have the direct ability to alter your emotions, mentality and physiology within seconds.

Next to human emotions, music is perhaps one of the most influential forces in the universe. It is said that music of a certain frequency has the ability to trigger experiences of different universes within a spirit.

Have you ever thought how individuals have been able to have such vast imagination? To create sci-fi, fairy tales, and mythological stories beyond this world? It is said that these are actual memories or long-ago universes and other dimensions that each of us spiritual have access too. That we can only see what we can be implying that perhaps in other lifetimes these types of universes actually existed.

Whether this is complete nonsense to some or not, what remains is undoubting creativity. Creativity is creation. In terms of luck, we are essentially creating luck with our visions, planning and execution of plans.

That means the greater our ability to creatively imagine our visions, the more expanded our possibilities will be in manifesting our visions. Not all music has the same frequencies and therefore provokes different results in us emotionally and mentally. I personally listen to classical when I write and am working on creative projects.

Classical music draws us out of our minds and extroverts us, where a lot of pop music introverts us. There’s no right or wrong music, just be aware of how music makes you feel when choosing it. Depending on your purpose for whatever you may be doing, your music choices might alter. An obvious rule is (when choosing music to get lucky or for leading a luckier life) choose music that uplifts your spirits!

12. Contributing to and loving children

We get what we give. By contributing to and loving children we too get to experience the joys and endless imagination of childhood again. Do not take my word for it; see for yourself.

When I spend time with my nephew or teach children guitar I am renewed with creative energy. He can hardly focus on a conversation because he’s too focused on life happening before him; a frog here, some dogs there, a truck, a bird, a sound and a person. Life is all-fascinating to him, as it should be!

Children understand the ways of life. Their spirits are still free of so much social conditioning and they are non-attached, playing in the richness of each moment. I am continuously captivated by the limitless views children have.

Many are trying to get lucky, get rich and achieve big so they can one day feel adequate enough to give back huge. Why wait? Start now; start by giving love to children because they don’t ask for much anyway and you’ll see immediately how much more you have to give than you ever thought.

13. Contributing to and loving people

As it would be wise to give love and contribute to children, this is not limited to the young people. In truth, if you want to really get lucky, just give love and take off the conditions.

Giving love is the best thing to give because it creates no ridges between you and another. Love dissolves ridges and boundaries. When we give love, we are giving the best thing we could ever give: total acceptance.

Let’s face it, we don’t need more of anything. We need more free-spirited souls allowing and encouraging others to be happy because we deserve it.

Don’t postpone happiness anymore. Give love now and rejoice in the riches of the present. If you can learn to give and contribute then you’ve learned what it truly means to be wealthy. Your success and luck in life is in direct proportion to your ability to give freely.

Remember, communication is just a consideration. Though I always write what I know, these are still just my considerations. These are what work for me and if you are interested in seeing if they work for you, experiment! Let me know how you improve your luck or if these tips helped you get lucky. Leave a comment, I’d love to know!

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