Grab the Opportunity – They Don’t Often Come Along

Grab the Opportunity

Grab the opportunity,” How many times have you heard that, right? But what does it really mean? Would you know one if you saw it? Life is the greatest opportunity we’ve been given. That’s step one. Step two is all of the enormous opportunities to grow that God has bestowed upon us. But it’s our responsibility to recognize them, grab them, and then act on them sensibly.

Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them. ~Audrey Hepburn (Tweet this)

Most people either aren’t paying attention or they don’t realize the importance of opportunities. They respond to opportunity in a lethargic manner over a prolonged of time. To put it simply, “if we grab the right opportunity at the right time, we will achieve great success in our life.”

A Humorous Case Study

A young man wanted to marry the beautiful daughter of a farmer. The farmer agreed but had a condition that the young man needed to first ride any one of his three bulls while holding the bull’s tail. The young man was happy, thinking this condition to be simple and manageable.

He did not ride the first bull as he found it too big to ride. He skipped the second bull, too, since it was bigger than the first. The third bull was thinner so, seeing that, he felt happy and jumped on its back but forgot to check for the tail. Because the third bull didn’t have one, he missed the chance to marry farmer’s daughter.

Moral: “Grab the opportunity” doesn’t mean being hasty.

Because opportunities come in disguise, we need the ability to recognize them. We don’t all get the same opportunities… That’s rough enough. But it is even more tragic, when they do come our way and we either fail to recognize them or we fail to use them effectively. There is an upside to this: Opportunity of any sort can be a great chance to progress, even if they weren’t the ones we were originally seeking. Keep that in mind to avoid missing opportunity’s knock.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ~ Winston Churchill (Tweet this)

Be Prepared to Grab the Opportunity

I’m sure most of us have heard people say, “What a fool! He had a real chance to make it, but instead he just let it go.” We say it because it’s true. Don’t let the same thing happen to you. We all dream and wait for our perfect opportunity so when and it comes, be ready to grab it instantly. Keep yourself mentally prepared and understand that opportunity can’t be measured by its size. Listen, if you can grab the opportunity, no matter how small it is, you absolutely should! You never know if it has the potential to turn into something big.

It is not often that a man can make opportunities for himself. But he can put himself in such a shape that when or if the opportunities come he is ready ~ Theodore Roosevelt. (Tweet this)

Opt between Happiness and Pain

Opportunity is a chance to try and turn adversity in your favor. We always have the choice to work on it happily and feel contented or carry an attitude of procrastination to maybe just, “get it next time.” When next time doesn’t come, all you’ve really done is made a choice to hold on to pain, anger and resentment a little longer.

Difficulties and hurdles are bound to come along either before the opportunity materializes or perhaps even right along with it. But this shouldn’t be a reason to wait for some other opportunity to show up so you can take that one instead. Remember your primary-school lesson about just how many times opportunity knocks, and you’ll understand why. If this is the only shot you’ll get, then even if it has problems, don’t you think you should take a chance on it?

Give Yourself a Try

If by the grace of God an opportunity does fall in your lap, my advice is please don’t waste it. At least give it a shot, so that your future isn’t filled with the regret of having made a bad decision without testing the outcomes. Give yourself a chance to grow your own abilities so that you can truly take charge of your life!

Conclusion: Grab the Opportunity

In short, using an opportunity to further your life and your goals is smart. People who can’t be smart (for whatever reason) should stop complaining and blaming others. You get bonus points if you can learn from your experiences along the way. So go ahead, grab the opportunity, step up to the challenge and bring more meaning to your life!

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