29 Signs He’ll Be a Good Father

As mothers, we want everything for our children to be perfect. We want to give them the best home possible, all the love in the world, but most of all — a strong, stable family with amazing parents that our children can always count on.

And even though mothers are usually the crazier of both parents, one of the thoughts that come to mind immediately after we see the positive pregnancy test is if our partner is ready for this, if he even has it in him to be a great father.

Here are 29 signs that he’ll be a great father and you have nothing to worry about.

29 Signs He’ll Be a Good Father

1. He’s patient

Kids can break the peace of even the most together person, but if your man is patient, calm, doesn’t mind explaining a few times and doesn’t flip out over every little thing, that’s a good start. He’s only human, of course, so he may lose it from time to time, but that’s only natural.

2. He doesn’t scream

Even when he does lose it, preferably he’s not the screaming kind. Kids get really scared of loud noises when they’re young, plus they honestly hate it when mom and dar fight. It would be a great quality if your man is able to take a deep breath and say what he needs to say without raising his voice.

3. He’s ambitious

He wants to achieve extraordinary heights in his job, in being a husband, in being a father. People who are ambitious are ambitious in everything. Plus, children do what they see, so an ambitious father can really inspire your little one and set him or her on a good path for life.

4. He’s confident

Confidence is one of those things that you can’t teach — and it’s essential for a happy life. Sure, it’s important for you to be confident too, but it’s easy to lose your way during the first years of being a mother. At this time, if your husband remains a confident person, your children will intuitively pick that up from him.

5. He helps with the house work

He better! You won’t have that much time to clean up when you’re a mother and it’s a good sign if your hubby helps you now. Because he’ll definitely need to help you when the baby comes.

6. He takes good care of you when you’re sick

Men who are fathers already can tell you for a fact that when mom is sick, everything’s out of control. He needs to be able to help you get better and take care of the little one. That’s why it’s definitely a good sign if he takes care of you when you’re sick now. It’s like warming up before the big game.

7. He’s genuinely a good person

He’ll help an old lady cross the street and offer a friend a loan when he sees he’s struggling. Some people mistaken being good for being silly, but I’m a firm believer that great fathers are genuinely great people.

They’d always help when they can, though they wouldn’t put anyone else in front of themselves and their family. It’s a thin line and if your man knows how to walk it, he’ll make a great dad. He’ll always be good to you and good to your kids.

8. He wants a baby

Sometimes babies just come into our lives, totally unexpected, and eventually things fall into place. But it does take some time and effort, and it could be quite nerve-racking. If you and your man already want a baby, it would be much easier for him to adapt to the role of a father.

9. He’s responsible and can manage his time

When he says he’ll come back home at 6, he comes back at 6. When you need him to fix something, he does. You never have to remind him to pay the bills. He’s responsible and he can manage his time. That’s a must have for good fathers.

10. He has a sense of humor

And lots of it, preferably. Sense of humor is always a good quality, but when you come back home to a wall covered in drawings or when your baby gets his or her hands on dad’s phone and then throws it across the room, it is essential for a father’s survival to be able to laugh. It’s also essential for the kid’s survival that he’s able to laugh.

11. He’s good with money

Well, the walls will need re-painting and he’ll need a new phone too, so…

12. He’s good with children

There must be some children around you already, so how is he around them? Do they like him? Do they throw rocks at him? That’s a pretty good sign right there if he’s ready to be a dad. However, don’t get totally desperate if he’s not a kid person — it’s different when it’s your kid.

13. He doesn’t flip out when he’s hungry or hasn’t slept for a while

Right now, your world revolves around taking care of the two of you. You’re hungry, you eat. You’re sleepy, you sleep. And while nature has ensured that the mom’s body gets programmed to last without sleep or food longer for the sake of her baby’s happiness (through hormones), men don’t have that. All of a sudden, their wife has the priorities and when they’re required to help with the baby (often) they can’t even take care of themselves. Yes, he’ll have problems getting a good night sleep or eating precisely when he feels like it. Hopefully, he can handle those things now.

14. He’s understanding when you turn down sex

Some men are total drama queens when it comes to sex. “We don’t have enough”. “You’re not really into it.” Is he one of those? Because you should warn him right now that your sex life will take a serious hit — but also promise him that when the baby’s at least a few months old, you’ll take a vacation together and catch up. He needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel and not flip out every time you turn down sex.

And if he’s not the flipping out kind, even better.

15. He’s handy

He has all sorts of tools and you can always count on him t fix something around the house? Great! That’s the kind of man you need when you have a baby. Not only will he be able to baby-proof your home and fix anything the little one has broken, he’ll also be the kind of father who teaches his kids how to build doll houses and furnish them themselves.

16. He spends a lot of time at home already

If your partner is a pity animal, you’re facing the perspective of countless nights spent alone with the baby while he’s out there “relaxing” from “ a hard day at work”. If he likes spending time with you at home, that’s a great sign that he’ll be a good father, but if he doesn’t, you need to sit him down and tell him how things will go down from now on. No ifs, ands or buts.

17. He takes good care of his parents and is generally close to his family

How do you create a happy family with a man who doesn’t value family? You can’t. That’s why you should look at how close he is with his family, how well he takes care of his parents needs. This will give you a clear idea if your baby is about to have the best dad ever or if you’ll be the one holding this family together.

18. He has siblings

What does that have to do with being a father? You’re right, it’s not a necessary condition, but what siblings do is they teach you how not to be selfish. How to have regard for someone else’s needs, even when you’re a kid and the world is still supposed to turn around you and only you. When you’re a husband, how selfish you are depends on how selfish your wife allows you to be. When you’re a father, you simply can’t be selfish. Period.

19. He can cook

You’ll be busy with feeding your child or children, so it would be good if he’s able to make a little something for you two. After all, after you put the baby to sleep, you deserve a little break too.

20. He has friends who have children

Monkey see, monkey do. On a subconscious level, we perceive the behaviors of our social group as the right behaviors and we imitate them. If he has friends with children — hopefully men who are great dads themselves — chances are he’ll be ready to be the same.

21. He’s 30 or older

Age is nothing but a number? Not always. Before 30, men are children. Not that they can’t be great dads, but it would be more difficult for them. After 30, they’re usually ready for family and stability and can appreciate the gift of life a woman can give them.

22. He’s playful

Play is essential part of a child’s development — and there won’t always be other children around. Does he like to play with dogs? Do you have board-game night? Maybe he loves to play catch? Playfulness if a great quality for a dad.

23. He’s good at tough love

Children need tough love as bad as they need… Well, love. It’s easy to let kids stray off the right path, but if they have a father who loves them and yet can be tough with them, the chances for this to happen are much less.

24. He’s supportive

Kids dream. Big! They’re great at it. And if they have supportive parents, they start to believe that their dreams can really come true. That’s the belief that will move them forward even inter darkest times. Your partner is supportive of all your crazy ideas? That’s a great future dad right there.

25. He doesn’t get grossed out for nothing

Having a baby involves cleaning a of poop, urine, puke and spit from… Well, everywhere. Sometimes, you just won’t feel like doing it. At these times, it’s good to have a man who can help and not run screaming.

26. He’s a team player

What’s a family, really? Nothing but a little team. You need a team player to make a family work. To make parenthood work. You need to be on the same side when your little one wants something he should have.You need to be on the same side when he screams bloody murder. Yu just need to be on the same side.

27. He’s trusting

When you first have a kid, you’re constantly worried you may accidentally kill it. Honestly, it’s part of the job. That’s why you need a husband who trusts your decisions and isn’t going after you giving advice and expressing worry on every step. Does he trust you with important decisions? Good.

28. He has a hobby

A man who has a hobby will have a way to unwind after a long day of parenting. Because sometimes sitting on the couch watching TV just won’t do it. You’ll need something to focus on, something you love to do, so that your can mind relax from all those parenting thoughts and you can truly recharge.

29. He loves you

Last but not least, a baby is the ultimate test for a relationship. You simply won’t make great parents unless you love each other. So, for yours and your baby’s sake, I hope he really loves you. And in your heart, you know if that’s the case.

Hope these ’29 signs he’ll be a great father’ quotes have given you a better understanding about the parenting terrain and how your partner must graze on it.

If your partner ticks all or most of these boxes, good, but what if he doesn’t? Well, one thing you can do is sit him down and talk about the challenges of parenting, about which specific behaviors you’d expect him to change (don’t attack his whole personality) and how you can help him go through these changes. Another is accept him for what he is and accept that he will be his own kind of father — maybe not great by the typical standards, but still loving and hopefully helpful when you and the child really need him.

Do you think your partner will be a good father? Or maybe he already is? Share with us in the comments bellow.

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