21 Best Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

gift ideas for your girlfriend

Shopping for your girlfriend can be an excursion. Maybe you have recently started dating and you hope to impress her. Maybe you have been together for years and years and are having a hard time coming up with something new and creative.

Simple gift ideas for your girlfriend

Regardless of where you stand in your relationship, gift ideas for your girlfriend can be tricky. Never fear! We have some great ideas for you to explore. These gift ideas are great for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or “just because” days. Have fun shopping!

1. A scrapbook

Corny? Sure, but who doesn’t love corny? If the two of you have been together for a few years, you must have tons of memories together. If you don’t have all of the memorabilia—movie stubs and receipts from restaurants and such—don’t worry about it.

Making a scrapbook of tweets you have sent to one another, written memories of things you have done together, and tons of pictures are plenty to supplement a photo album. Get thoughtful and ask your friends to contribute memories of the two of you as a couple. Scroll through your social networking history and include every minute detail that will make her feel like the most important person in the world to you. Everyone loves a photo album of memories.

2. A concert

Oftentimes, we forget that experiences are even more memorable than tangible gifts. Does your girlfriend love a cappella music but it is not necessarily your cup of tea? Research who might be coming to town and purchase concert tickets for her.

The gesture will be unforgettable. If you two love the same kind of music and your favorite singer is coming to town—even better! Purchase the seats for her and prepare to have a great night out. Check local casinos and smaller venues as well. Discovering not-as-well-known music together is an incredible gift as well.

3. Mixtapes, CDs, and playlists

Sure, it is an old-school idea, but it is classic for a reason. You can’t make a list of gift ideas for your girlfriend, and not be thinking of this one at some point! Almost everyone loves music, and who doesn’t love receiving an album made with them in mind? Put a bunch of corny love songs in the mix, or put songs that remind you of her, or even songs with her name in the title. Whatever you do, the gesture will be so appreciated.

4. A girls’ night out

Sometimes a girl needs nothing more than she needs a night out with her girlfriends. Set up a surprise dinner night with your girl’s friends and let them have a good night out without anyone else.

5. A pet

If you two live together and you know she has always wanted a dog, cat, mouse, fish, etc., consider buying one for her! It is rare to receive a pet as a gift, but it is also very thoughtful. You don’t love cats but your girlfriend has always wanted one? This is a perfect opportunity to show your lady that you love her enough to get over your disinterest in kittens.

6. A party

Have you had a surprise party recently? Do you remember how it made you feel? If you throw your girlfriend a surprise party, it is almost a guarantee that she will remember it forever. Gather all of your mutual friends, invite her family, decorate your home with her favorite things, and surprise her! Everyone loves a surprise. She will appreciate how much thought you put into it.

7. New electronics

Is your girlfriend rocking last year’s phone? Has she been dropping hints about a new tablet? It might be time for an upgrade.

8. A vacation

Hey, if you can afford a vacation, please indulge. There is nothing greater than spending time away from home with your loved one. Your girlfriend will love the idea of being whisked off to France, Hawaii, or even that cute bed and breakfast a few miles from your house. Whatever you can work into your budget, she will love.

9. A massage

Nothing is more relaxing than a massage. Whether or not you spring for a couples massage, your girlfriend will absolutely love this thoughtful gift idea. Laying down with soothing music and an expert touch is the most relaxing thing in the world. If you cannot afford a massage at a local spa, set up your bedroom like a massage parlor and treat her to your own skill.

10. Jewelry

. . . because of course!

11. Flowers

Yeah, flowers may seem like a really obvious gift idea, but there are few people who do not love the thought of receiving flowers. Send your girlfriend flowers to her workplace, or have them set up when she gets home at the end of a day. You do not have to spring for roses, and in fact, if you can pick them yourself, the gesture is even greater.

12. IOUs

Though giving a coupon book of IOUs may remind you of being a child, the thought is still really sweet. Include things like, “a night at our favorite restaurant,” or “you choose the movie” and she is sure to love the sentiment.

13. A robe

Robes are one of those things that we all want, but we do not all have. Why not treat your girlfriend to a robe with her initials on it? She’ll be comfortable and very pleased with the idea.

14. Food in bed

We all love food, and most of us love not getting out of bed. Though “breakfast in bed” is the most classic “gift” idea, any meal in bed can be very romantic. Choose to stay in instead of going out for dinner, but bring it to your girlfriend instead. Even if you order take-out, turn on the television and eat in bed together. Sometimes the best nights are spent indoors.

15. Take a class

Cooking classes, pottery classes, writing classes, reading classes—there are almost definitely classes in your community to take together. Even if neither of you has ever painted a picture before, it is a romantic idea to do it together!

16. A cookbook

Has your girlfriend recently gotten into baking? Is she gluten-free? Does she live a vegan lifestyle? Is she interested in concocting interesting beverages? There are millions of cookbooks in every category these days. Find her something she loves, or something she has never tried. You can branch out together.

17. Candy

Because we all love it.

18. A personalized mug

The internet is full of treasures, and personalized items are definitely included. If your girlfriend is a coffee or tea drinker, find her a mug to perfectly match her personality. There are plenty out there.

19. Books

Whether it is a book set of her favorite stories from childhood, a collection from her favorite author, or even an undiscovered novel that you think she would enjoy, books are a great gift.

20. Movie passes

Going to the movies is one of the most classic date nights. Getting movie passes to use multiple times, on a whim or for a special occasion, is a very thoughtful gift.

21. A new phone case

Phone cases are so well-thought-out these days. If your girlfriend treasures her phone (like most of us do), getting her an engraved phone case, or even just something cute, is a gesture that will live on.

Final thoughts

No matter what the occasion, your girlfriend will appreciate being wined, dined, and thought of in general. There are so many great gift ideas for your girlfriend. Show her you care!

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