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We all want fulfillment, yet most of us are unaware of what it means to be fulfilled. It’s also safe to say that our idea of fulfillment has been confused with pursuing a false idea of success. We all seem to be after something, but what?

It’s clear that we would not pursue something we didn’t think would benefit us. As humans we act for two primary reasons, to gain pleasure or avoid pain. The trouble we’ve created is that fulfillment has become a chase for pleasure—hence our almost addictive desire for success. If we want to experience fulfillment in life we must unlearn its false notions and then relearn its true meaning. So let’s explore some inspirational wise words.

Fulfillment quotes from some of the world’s greatest leaders

Success without fulfillment is failure. ~ Tony Robbins (Tweet this)

People are lost, neck-deep in a chase toward success with true fulfillment slowly eluding them. So often, we get what we want only to feel a sense of nostalgia wondering “is this all there is?” The truth is, despite what we’ve been sold, achievement does not guarantee fulfillment or happiness. If we aren’t succeeding at what matters most, it’s fair to say we haven’t succeeded at all.

You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now. ~ Wayne W. Dyer (Tweet this)

Most of the time we let our desires determine our happiness. However, the function of desire often works against us in the obtainment of fulfillment. First of all, desire places a condition on our happiness—we must achieve something before we are happy. Happiness is not an emotion but a state of being. Thus, to place a standard on our being—such as fulfilling a desire—we end up limiting our experiences. If we can remove these standards we begin to recognize the totality of each moment. Once we realize we lack nothing, we experience profound peace and happiness and the whole world belongs to us,

It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit. ~ Denis Waitley (Tweet this)

One of the surest ways to fall short of fulfillment is to place happiness as the result of any goal. Happiness is not to be achieved from any outside source; it is a state of spiritual wealth we must come to know within ourselves. When we set out to achieve happiness it always eludes us. If we share it with others, we cannot help but experience it for ourselves. Therefore, one of the secrets to true fulfillment in life is to be cautious of achieving happiness, and instead happily achieve.

Just as light brightens darkness, discovering inner fulfillment can eliminate any disorder or discomfort. This is truly the key to creating balance and harmony in everything you do. ~ Deepak Chopra (Tweet this)

Even the obtainment of worthy goals starts from knowing ourselves within. When we are in touch with the truth of our existence, we lack nothing. Desires are spontaneous and creative, rather than from a place of neediness. Before you pursue any desire, discover your true intentions. Are they lacking, or are they from wholeness? Inner fulfillment in life purifies us, removing the attachment to outer fulfillment.

Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. (Tweet this)

The mind creates all of our boundaries, seeing life in black and white. The heart is boundless, connected to the intuitive wisdom of our soul. Life is truly a simple experience that we overcomplicate with thinking. The more we mind, the less we feel. If life isn’t fulfilling it’s likely we’ve stopped feeling. After all, the most fulfilling experiences in life are the ones that set our heart ablaze, our senses aflame and our minds away. Lose your mind, find your heart and you will know the meaning of fulfillment.

You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life. ~ Les Brown (Tweet this)

Ultimately the choice to be free is ours to make. It is our personal duty to recognize the truth of our existence; it will not come looking for us. The mind is the barrier between fulfillment and aspiration. Drop the mind and you will find yourself. Spirit lacks nothing; therefore it has no fears and is courageous in the pursuit of any goal. Our minds fear the unknown, blocking us from action. Spirit—our true self—acts without knowing, because it knows by being.

Let not your mind run on what you lack as much as on what you have already. ~ Marcus Aurelius (Tweet this)

The real way to living is through giving. When we want we are always implying that we are in lack. A billion dollars in the bank and sharing it with no one is a poverty mindset. Fulfillment is a feeling—to be filled full. The physical world is inexhaustible—our bank accounts can accumulate to no end. What ultimately fills us is knowing that we are already full—that we’re already a masterpiece. Then life becomes the dream we wish for, til one day we have enough to share with the world. If you’re going to use your mind, use it as a tool to share your treasures. You’re complete, you’re whole and beautiful—share it with the world.

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment. ~ Anthony Robbins (Tweet this)

Fulfillment is always in direct proportion to our ability to selflessly give. What we give, we get. More often we are concerned with what we can get. This idea of I, me, and mine is the self-image at large. When we live from the demands of our self-image we are always hungry for more—and taking precedes giving. Unless we reach into our hearts—the source of abundance—and experience true gratitude, we will never know what it means to feel filled. Practice the art of giving for the sake of giving. Remove conditions from your giving; also, forget expectations for receiving anything. When you give; expect nothing and you will undoubtedly experience everything.

A life of fulfillment comes from within; through the knowledge that you were created with everything you need to be happy. ~ Deepak Chopra (Tweet this)

Life is a process, not a destination. When we bask in the beauty of our spirit we find that we lack nothing. Fundamentally we find out we don’t have to do anything. When we don’t have to do anything, we are free to do anything. However, when we see ourselves lacking anything we quickly seek outward fulfillment—only to find it escapes us. Life becomes destination, fulfillment becomes a final point where we stop living—essentially we end up chasing death, missing the entire journey. The flow to life is a very simple series of ins and outs. If we focus purely on fulfilling a need, we cling to it desperately—like holding onto a breath, we’d only end up suffocating ourselves. Making fulfillment a spontaneous and effortless process—like breathing—is knowing our inner abundance. Like air, our capacity for greatness is infinite, knowing this life becomes less of something to cling to and more of something to share and enjoy.

Being what we truly are is the only way to feel good about ourselves. ~ Lise Bourbeau (Tweet this)

Fulfillment is in the future; it is never here in the present. This creates all sorts of tensions around becoming someone, where fulfillment serves a standard on our happiness. The mind always lives in the past and future, and therefore will always have desires for fulfillment. It’s essential we know we are not our mind. The mind cannot be, only we can be and it is the mind, which creates all suffering. A state of no-mind is our true nature—boundless awareness. True fulfillment and its promised bliss is a state of beingness. When we reside in the present we are in touch with ourselves at the deepest level. Instantaneously our needs are met and we experience true fulfillment.

Hope these fulfillment quotes help you achieve true happiness!

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