Free Yourself From Hatred

Free Yourself  From Hatred

Free yourself from hatred! If you can manage your emotions and take the situation over confidently and assertively, you may be able to establish a more positive footing. The world is full of hatred. Can you can show me a place where there is no hatred? Maybe in the graveyard!

Yes, now you know hatred has conquered the world and has enveloped it in its domain. Nobody is free of emotions . . . they come naturally. Anger, hatred, jealousy, love, compassion, revenge are all a part of us. They personify who we are. These are feelings experienced after an event or when you face a certain situation in life.

Dealing with hatred

It is never easy to love anyone selflessly, it needs time. Although, yes, if you experience one incident that you consider harsh, you will start feeling worse immediately. Hatred starts making its home in your mind. Yet no one ever thinks of hatred as their strongest enemy.

Free yourself from hatred and treat others the way you want to be treated. Hatred is too noble an emotion to be frittered away in little personal animosities.

Nobody ever gives a thought to how hatred can harm you inner self more than the other person. It is directly related to your emotions, which ultimately influences the body and its functions. Yes, it can cause high blood pressure, sleepless nights, heart disease, and many more.

The more you hate people, the more you are causing harm to yourself. While the other person is just not aware of what you are thinking and is at peace.

I have decided to stick to love . . . Hate is too great a burden to bear ~ Martin Luther King Jr (Tweet this)

Your past experiences shape what you are today. And this will only make it more difficult for you to deal with people you hate.

Free yourself from hatred, it is the best thing to lead a happy life. Do not expect or demand anything from others. Is it that simple? I would say no, because if you love someone, you might expect love in return. But what if the other person does not love you back? Well then hatred has taken birth. So you see, your love should be unselfish. If you do not expect anything in return, you will not get hurt.

Learning to be detached

One has to learn to be detached. It is not easy . . . but slowly you will do deeds and not expect anything in return. Easier said than done . . . you would say. But yes, that is the only logical answer to free yourself from hatred. Just contemplate on what you are expecting from the other person.

Why is it that you want something from him/her? You cannot change a person; you have to accept them as they are.

Before you attach yourself to that person, you have to assess them. Judge how they are and what they feel towards you. This way unreasonable expectations will not appear. Some people are made that way. The more you understand them and accept them, there will be no negativity within you and you will not suffer. Free yourself from hatred because you can’t love something or someone when you’re so full of hate.

When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves ~ Chuck Palahniuk (Tweet this)

In today’s modern world, there is no compassion nor is there any time to understand even your partner. So where is the time to understand colleagues, friends, relatives or your neighbor? You view all people with suspicion, insecurity, bitterness, antagonism, which leads you to be lonely and even isolated.

Why would you ever want to live that way?

Analyzing inner self

There are many ifs and buts, yet the only way to be free of hatred is true selfless love. No expectations, no demands, a certain detachment from your loved ones or friends. Remember, hate is not within you because of what others did to you, but because it is your personality. So, first analyze yourself. Are you the type who is always unhappy, dissatisfied, unenthusiastic, finding faults, then it is more likely you will easily hate anything and anyone.

Free yourself from hatred and learn to forgive and forget. That is the best thing that can make you happy. What is important is positivity, do not hold grudges. You might lose some of the best people in your life. Tolerance is the key to a life free of hatred.

Understanding how to stop hating someone is simple if you can understand that you’re causing more pain to yourself than the person you hate!

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