Find Your Passion in Life

Passion in Life

Are you working just for the sake of earning money, or to make others happy, or to fulfill your daily needs? Do you enjoy the work you do as part of your job? Are you happy with your job?

If you are working for the sake of earning money without feeling any happiness about the job you do then it is time to find your passion in life.

Finding your passion in life will help you enjoy it more and make your life more meaningful. If you have found your passion in life, you are so blessed. Passion is life’s blood.

Passion lets you enjoy your work as enjoying play. Passion is something that is your own. It is not a single event. It cannot be faked; and it can survive through all the criticism.

What is The Source of Passion?

Though it may sound great that you find your passion in life and work, it is not as easy as it sounds. Passion is a series of experiences that vibrates through your entire being including your body, mind and soul. If you follow your passion, you will feel joy and enthusiasm to your core.

Passion drives energy in you and overlooks the obstacles and difficulties to let you explore its true potential in you.

However, people often let go of their passions unrealized just to move on with their life, instead of living it to the fullest and taking risks. It is often seen as risky to live with your passion and living without it may seem to be an easier option. However, this passionless life is meaningless.

So, finding your true passion, your true calling is your responsibility. You have come on this earth with a calling of your own and you must find it and follow it. At what stage of life you find it, does not matter; it would be your destiny.

Find Your Passion in Life

Give yourself a little time to reflect and find what you love to do. Take a couple of hours and sit relaxed at a place where you do not find any distraction. Be calm and comfortable. Grab a pen, paper, and list the major events of your life that made you extremely happy and joyful.

And also jot down the events that caused distress and sadness in your life. These events can be related to anything like family, friends, childhood, your career, education, accomplishments, emotions, major events, fears, purchases, spirituality and dreams.

Finding your passion in life has 7 parts to it. The most helpful self-inventories always turn out to be those that correspond to the points below. Think of it like the component parts of a job.

That is to say, every job has seven parts to it. It requires

  • certain skills (what you do),
  • certain knowledge (what you know),
  • certain goals (what and whom you reach),
  • certain people & environments (who and what surround you),
  • certain working conditions (what are you enabled to do),
  • certain locations (where is it to be found), and a
  • certain level of responsibility (chart of your growth potential).

Try to relate events of one category and you will find some connection for why you felt happy about them or why you felt bad about them. This deep-rooted connection will be the key with your passion.

What Do You Love To Do?

Your pursuit should be something that you enjoy and are drawn to whenever it comes within your vision. It could be anything; art, music, colors, gadgets, automobiles. You might find it interesting to play with words or figures or spend time with nature. Recognize your love in life, which is the precursor to your true calling.

Time – Not an Issue

You can find your passion at any stage of life; maybe even at a late stage in your life. Whenever you feel desire to do something meaningful that makes your soul joyful, it is the right time.

Whenever you feel something is missing, it is the time to find your passion in life. It can be mid-life calling when you feel emptiness in your life. Some people find their true calling when they are going through very serious life crisis; emotional or physical.

Pursue it – Come What May

Once you find your true calling, even if it is late in life, follow it on any condition. You might observe a universal guidance in the events that unfold before you and they may direct you towards your goal. You will feel a new energy and spirit in you. Obstacles and hurdles will get in the way of you actually achieving your goal but that is only the times to delve deeper.

Conclusion – Find Your Passion in Life

Finding your “Passion in life” is only a means to an end;  the end should be “com-passion.” To make your life truly meaningful and happy, you should find your true calling. However, while reclaiming your life, be grounded in reality, do not let your fantasies and ego get in your way.

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen  for you ~ T. Alan Armstrong (Tweet this)

So, find passion in life, and define it as you will!

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