Everything You Need To Know About A 3 Day Cleanse – Part 2

3 day cleanse

Welcome to part 2 of our complete guide to a 3‭ ‬day cleanse. In the last article, we learned something that at first glance might be obvious (but we do forget it), and that is:

Food can help us and can even heal us.

So now that we understand what a 3 day cleanse is, and how it can help us . . . let’s learn how we can do it ourselves.

Water – the good, the bad, the ugly

In a 3 day cleanse (aka a water fast), the only thing we are taking in is water. That’s it. Nothing else. Ideally, you want to avoid distilled water and tap water.

Drink only:

  • normal, bottled water,
  • filtered water, or
  • water from a pure and natural waterfall if you can be so lucky.

Just do not drink the 2 that I mentioned (distilled and tap).


Distilled water is dead water. In fact, it acts like a sponge and extracts the minerals you do have. During fasting, this is a problem. The body comes into conflict with that water and you end up with mineral deficiencies. Prolonged use results in (in only a few cases, however) hair falling out! It’s a ridiculous thing that people who sell us water probably have not even thought about—much less would ever consider telling us. I don’t think they’re bad people. I just think they look at it like just “water,” and nothing else. But other than air and sunlight, water is the most important thing you can put into your body.

So what’s the problem with distilled water? Distilled water puts the body into an acidic state. It also leaches the body of the minerals and trace elements we need. So don’t drink it, and don’t cook with it.

Why not tap water? In many areas, the tap water has chlorine in it . . . which is not good for you (especially during your 3 day cleanse). Also, in some cities, the waste processing is not where it should be. So if you avoid drinking the tap water, you can avoid the resulting problems that ingesting that harmful waste can cause you. Does that make sense?

So, on a 3 day cleanse . . . Avoid the tap, avoid the crap. Sorry to be so blunt, but your health is more important to me than your feelings. Love you. Big kisses!

On the other hand, if you can be sure that your city or municipality is providing you clean water, then the only problem is the chlorine during your 3 day cleanse. Don’t worry. There are options. Let’s talk about them now.

Cities add chlorine to kill microbes in the water to keep the people safe. That’s a good thing. If your city uses the “free chlorine” method, then this gas can be removed by letting a pitcher of water sit open, either overnight (12 hours) or for a full day (24 hours). The water becomes free of the chlorine. At this point, the water is safe for people. Put it into a fish tank, however, and your fish will die (something to think about).

If your city uses chloramine (which many cities now do because it stays in the water longer—which means it kills more disease-causing bugs, which is still a good thing) then the process is more challenging. In this case, you have to purchase a water test kit and then find something that removes chloramine. Also do not give that to fish either (because: death). At this point, you should have water that is ready to drink.

  1. For all you 3 day cleanse candidates out there: you can also just go buy it bottled or purchase a home filter and still be ready to go even faster than buying a test kit.
  2. In the long run, a filter is cheaper than buying bottled.

Frustrated by the water problem you may or may not have? I hope not. If you are you just about ready to give up this 3 day cleanse idea because of all this (and throw the whole “water fasting” concept in the garbage), let me offer you a tiny bit of insight. Whether you are fasting or not, your family still needs water. Cleaning it up is a valuable idea. Even if you never fast a single day in your life you will have already helped your family tremendously. Think about it. And if you do still undergo a 3 day cleanse, you will be vastly healthier for your trouble.  🙂

TL;DR : If your water is already filtered or if you buy bottled water . . . then you are ready to begin!

The rules of a 3 day cleanse

Rule one: don’t eat!

I’m kidding. Well, I am and I am not. Here is what you should know about this.

  • All we take in is water.‭
  • You are not taking vitamin supplements.
  • You are not having juice before bed.
  • You are not taking medicine (this is why I said talk to your doctor).
  • You even want to avoid tasting the family food while you’re cooking it.
  • Just water. And that’s it.

I find that most people never have a problem avoiding chewing gum during a fast (which you also must avoid). I find they always have a problem with the vitamin supplements. People always think they need them. They don’t need them. You don’t need them.

For the most part, if you are eating a proper diet of real food, you will already have all the nutrition you need. Skip the vita-paks and buy yourself a water filter for the house. In the long run, you win.

So now that you know what a 3 day cleanse is, what to watch out for, and how to start one . . . what can you expect while you are on one? That’s probably the most interesting part.

Your day-by-day fasting: one full week, at a glance

Day 1: The first day is annoying for most people. That may not be the best news, but it is the truth. Why annoying? Because you keep thinking you are hungry, even when you’re not.

I know that you think you are hungry. But let’s face the facts: true hunger is not stomach grumbles. True hunger is significantly worse. Let’s leave it at that.

Most people have a full 2000 calories within them whether they eat or not. This means you could skip an entire day and not much will change in your appearance. Let’s say you wake up one morning and decide you want to start your 3 day cleanse today. This means that dinner last night was your last meal, right?

When we do the math, we see that your full 2000 calories won’t even be expended until dinner today anyway. Whatever your daily load of nutrients is, it’s still with you until you spend it. So we know, just by simple math and physiology, you aren’t really hungry. But you think you are. See? That’s why I say day 1 is simply annoying!

There are also all the social issues. We eat to be social. We love people and being around family. They eat, so we think we should eat. And because they care for us, they tell us to eat. It is a real challenge. And trust me: you will doubt yourself (especially if this your first time on a 3 day cleanse). This is your day one.

Your first day should be all about water! Drink plenty. And in case you forget, drink more water. Did I mention water? Because: water.

Day 2: Towards the end of day 2 of our 3 day cleanse (and maybe the early morning of day 3) is when we start to see the toxins leave the body.

NOTE ABOUT TOMORROW: We won’t feel hungry at all on the following day (day 3, tomorrow) because our body will be going to other sources for its nutrition.

This is why we want to avoid supplements completley on our 3 day cleanse. The body has to go to work on the body and not spend its time on the processing of whatever you are putting into it. Keep the stomach empty so the blood and body can be cleaned. So what do we do now, on day 2 of our 3 day cleanse to be ready for that? Drink plenty of water!

Sometimes, day 2 is when people start to feel physically rough around the edges. Once you are beyond this short stage, however, you feel amazing. It doesn’t last the entire day. Just a couple of hours—if that.

Day 3: You are full of energy, clear thoughts, and vitality! At this point, many of my students start to think about making their 3 day cleanse into a full 7-day water fast. And I wholeheartedly agree with them.

Days 4, 5, 6 and 7: These days are amazing and the transformation you will see (and feel) including the complete reversal of blood and body illnesses is awesome as well. All of these will now lose their hold on you. But since this article is only about the 3 day cleanse, I won’t bore you with the things that do not apply.

But I will say this: if you decide to continue for the whole time (all 7 days), just continue as you have been by only drinking water and nothing else.

And finally, A WARNING: if you don’t end your fast in the right way . . . you could end up in a world of hurt. And that’s no exaggeration. Head over to the final article to learn how to come off your 3 day cleanse safely.

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