Declutter your Mind and Home

Declutter your mind, home

Declutter your mind and home. It’s is a good idea. It reduces burdens and helps a person be free. An uncluttered mind helps a person keep calm, happy and stress-free.

Clearing the clutter in the mind helps erase negativity and hatred. Declutter your mind because it is the fastest way to combat the feeling of constant distraction.

Quite unconsciously one tends to gather things—physical as well as virtual. Sometimes I think we humans are like the weed that rolls in the desert gathering along with it bits of string, stones, and more. At work and home we tend to keep things like rats—when I took a close look at my home (before some repair work) I found I had things I never knew existed. Kitchenware, books (some more than 2 copies), clothes, linens and more.

It was quite alarming that I had in my (thirty plus) years managed to gather and gather. My father-in-law’s advice comes to mind. He used to always say that all possessions should fit into a small bag so that one can move when required. He was in the midst of a World War and knew what was really important in life

How to declutter your mind

Decluttering or clearing the mind is not that hard. Our ancestors have left us with many techniques (like meditation). Choose any method that suits you. Did you know filling your lungs with fresh air is a wonderful way?

All one needs to do is sit quietly, close your eyes, and focus on inhaling and exhaling. As you take in fresh air and release old air your whole body will feel calm and the pressure on your mind will ebb too.

Another more modern way is to blog or write down what is on your mind. If it is bad thoughts, take a marker and scratch across it—the physical action will erase the thoughts from your mind. Make an effort to look ahead and not behind. Learn to forgive those who are unkind to you or look down on you.

Being an extremely sensitive person, I tended to get hurt by many small yet insignificant things. One day my mother explained that I needed to be happy from within and not seek acceptance and approval from others.

I realized that she was right. I needed to live life for myself not my larger family and be happy from within—that day a huge burden lifted from my shoulders and today I am able to deal with myself and others in a better way. There are no sulks and hardly ever anger or resentment.

Clutter equals chaos; Declutter equals calm

It’s important to stay away from people or situations that bring strife. If anyone at work tends to spread poison stay away from their company. Similarly attempt to speak your feelings and clear the air at once—don’t bottle up emotions. Live life very simply and many joys will be yours.

Streamline your home

Follow the mantra, “if I have not used x,y, or z for six months or more, I don’t need it.” There are many in the world who can use what is just gathering dust at home. Decluttering helps not only streamline the way you live but also will create space and airiness in the home.

Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter, find simplicity; From discord, find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. ~ Albert Einstein (Tweet this)

Decide to cleanup or declutter at least once every six months. My friend will not buy something for her home if she is not getting rid of an existing object. It’s easy to get organized, begin with the bedroom and closet, followed by the kitchen, then the living areas and last (but most important) storage areas like attics and garages.

I declutter the home with help of friends or family. They will help dissuade you from clinging to objects out of sentimental reasons. Identify which charity you will send the boxes to and make arrangements for the boxes to be delivered the same day that you declutter—that way you won’t have time to change your mind.

Make the process a part of your life and soon your home will be quite different.

Conclusion- Decluttering

Clutter of the mind and home stems from lackadaisical attitudes, poor organizational skills, giving into temptations of buying things that are just of no use.

The world is full of marketing pros who can sell you a piece of heaven without a qualm. Remember it’s a world that works for profit and your hard-earned money should be well-spent and not just squandered.

Many objects just seem wonderful—once you bring them home you may never find use for them. So once you decide to simplify life, things will automatically fall into place and you will actually lead a healthier life being in touch with your inner self.

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