Change is Beautiful

Change is Beautiful

Change is beautiful. Most of the time, we human beings are so reluctant towards change that we completely ignore its beauty. We feel that change could be damaging so we refrain from taking risks. We see only the negative and are afraid of embracing the good that might come from it. We completely forget that change is not always bad.

In fact change is the first step towards bringing something new and positive into our lives. Yes, the initial stages are definitely challenging but if these challenges are accepted gracefully than the result can be sweetly delicious. New crops don’t grow until the old are removed. Even the rains won’t come if the weather doesn’t change. Mt. Everest wouldn’t be so beautiful and still the tallest in the world if it didn’t increase its height by half-an-inch every year. Why? Because change is beautiful.

Change is messy in the beginning, smooth in the middle and extremely delicious in the end. ~ Robin Sharma (Tweet this)

While watching Mahabharata (one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India) one day, it really hit me that people are always hesitant about accepting change. The day we realize we need to continuously and consciously keep changing, we will evolve into a happier being. The problem is that we want to stay with the past and shy away from the new because we constantly associate change with pain and grief. We keep talking about the past, living in the past, thinking in the past and the result is ultimately sorrow.

These days I hear about business gurus giving lessons on Change Management, and it really makes me think. Yes, we enjoy the training but when we come back only less than 0.1% of us change. We go back to our own routines never analyzing (or even asking), did we change for good? Did we change our thought process? Did we leave our past and start living in the present to rectify the future? Mostly the answer is “No.” Management gurus try to give us that small push but we don’t change.

On the flip side we prefer that others should change for us and for the common good. I hear people saying to others “why don’t you change?”, “You are always your old self, never ready to change!” This is the biggest reason for our suffering and pain. We fail to realize that change is beautiful.

We just fail to understand that the only person who should change is just us. We can’t control others, we can only control our thoughts and emotions. We blame them without giving it any thought. This is actually nature’s law. Nobody can change others. We can only harness our selves.

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In the end, change is beautiful

Change is beautiful and inevitable . It is easier to accept when it is not forced upon us and we choose to initiate it in our lives ourselves. Don’t be afraid to change. You may lose something good in order to gain something better. The beauty of change remains in its consistency. If we let the change “change” us, only then the natural cycle with move smoothly. The more we resist, the more we lose its sweetness.

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