10 Best Romantic Movies Which Will Inspire You

Now, everyone likes to joke that their life is not a romantic comedy. But sometimes, we can relate. And sometimes, we can relate a lot. There are many parts of romantic comedies that come across as far-fetched.

The characters are not always relatable, the actors are almost always more attractive than our “normal” interaction, and the storylines are kind of ridiculous sometimes. That being said, it is easy to remember why romantic comedies are so popular.

My list of the best romantic movies

There is something about these romantic movies that draw us to them. The best romantic movies listed here have something ridiculous that reminds us of ourselves. Use this list of best romantic movies to remind you that ,Yes – even if life isn’t a movie, everything will be okay. Can you relate your life to the best romantic movies listed here?

1. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is one of the most pivotal romantic comedies of all time. It is hard to find someone who has not seen the film, and it is even harder to find someone that cannot relate to it. Harry Burns and Sally Albright are characters that we can all relate to, though, in comedic effect, they are characters that are a tad over-the-top.

You can learn a life lesson from the movie, though. You should remember that sometimes relationships need 10-12 years to work themselves out.

2. The Notebook

Quite possibly the most romantic movie of the past 20 years, The Notebook is one to remember. Noah and Allie are people that everyone admittedly aspires to replicate. Their love is intense, and seemingly forever, even when they are torn apart.

Oh, young love! However, the way that Noah and Allie reunite is what matters.

Their adult conversations and passionate arguments are easy for everyone to relate to. No spoiler alerts here; I will not tell you how it ends, however – there is a reason this movie has made such an impact.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You

Even the title alone screams “familiar.” Based on William Shakespeare’s very famous tale, Taming of the Shrew, “10 Things I Hate About You” is a retelling of a very similar story. Boy likes girl, girl resists boy, boy persists, girl may sort of be tempted, but girl still resists.

The tale goes on and on. The reason this movie has made such a long lasting impact is easy to discover.

Everyone knows what it is like to think something is wrong ..that feels so right. Let it happen. (Though it is admittedly easier in high school.)

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The premise of Eternal Sunshine is simple, yet the film itself can be a bit confusing. If you could forget someone you loved so much, who ended up breaking your heart, would you? I have seen this movie a hundred times, and it is still hard for me to answer that question confidently.

Clementine and Joel take us through a journey that is as romantic as a real love story, and equally as heartbreaking.

Sometimes, what you need to inspire you to move on, or fall in love, or break it off, is honesty. Eternal Sunshine is honesty.

5. Love Actually

“I may not always love you,” is the opening line of the Beach Boys song that ends the film Love Actually. What is so refreshing about that song and about this film is that it lends hope when there is not always hope.

Love Actually tells the story of multiple couples which do not necessarily “end up” well. They begin, they end, they are in the middle; but all of the couples we follow in the film are in different places in their lives.

Some end up happy, some end up ambiguous, and some end up separated. How can we be inspired by this film? Because real life is inspiring, and Love Actually is pretty darn close to real life.

6. You’ve Got Mail

Though the dialogue in You’ve Got Mail is prime, it is mostly an uninteresting romantic comedy. What makes it stand out as an inspiration, even all of these years later, is the title. “You’ve got mail” is not something that we say to each other (or that a computer says to us) anymore, but online dating is something that has become a lot more “normal” in recent years.

Joe and Kathleen’s relationship starts a lot like many of ours these days.

7. Pretty Woman

Though the story of Vivian and Edward is nearly impossible to relate to, it is not impossible to relate to the basics of it. Edward seems out of Vivian’s league, and Vivian seems bold and confident, something Edward is not used to in his relationships.

What you can use Pretty Woman for is the ultimate lesson that “everyone is not what they seem to be”.

8. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Following up with another Julia Roberts romantic comedy, MyBest Friend’s Wedding tells the tale of “too late”. When Julianne discovers that Michael is getting married, she realizes that she loves him. When she tries to literally stop his wedding, she realizes that some things are just not meant to be.

How can this inspire you? It is easy – not everything is meant to be.

9. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Bridget Jones’ Diary is one of the most inspirational romantic comedies ever written. The film (and book!) follow Bridget Jones through her dating struggles, body image issues, and everything in between.

What you can use from Bridget to inspire you? Her overall realization that she is worthy.

10. 13 Going on 30

This fantastical film offers little realism, but plenty of big lessons. What you can learn from 13 Going on 30 is not that you can go back in time to fix your teenage mistakes, but rather what you can learn from your childhood.

As adults, we know that every stress we had as children is irrelevant, however it is easy to forget that as we grow up.

13 Going on 30 can inspire you to let your childhood dreams hold strong.

Final Thoughts

This collection of the best romantic movies will inspire you, sweep you off your feet and help you fall in love all over again! Please feel free to recommend more which have touched your heart or leave your thoughts/comments about my collection. Would love to hear from you!


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