Being Single – How to Live and Love Being Single

Love, marriage, relationship, affection, attraction, etc., are not mere words but part and parcel of every individual’s life as they reflect our innate emotions.

For the same reason, the well-carved architecture of our society expects one to abide by some norms and get settled within the right time-frame to lead a blissful life. So what about those who deliberately choose to be or by some unfortunate incident are left single? Are they really pitiable and lonesome? Being single gives you time to be by yourself, with yourself.

An air of desperation is by far the most debilitating energy to bring into a new relationship with yourself or with any one new for that matter. It is not uncommon for people of marriageable age to be regularly pestered by friends and relatives to tie the knot. This is nothing odd either.

There can be no better feeling than to have a loving companion for a lifetime but what is it that keeps some of us from falling in love or getting into a relationship?

Understanding another’s Concern

Mostly, when people around you start bombarding questions like, “Why are you still single?”, “When do you plan to marry?”, “Why aren’t you seeing someone?”, “Do you plan to live all alone for the rest of your life?”, your reaction would depend on your mood at that time but for the most part, people don’t intend to hurt you when they show their concern. What lies behind their apparent exasperation is only good intent.

Are singles emotionally fragile?

Singles are not weak or emotionally fragile people. Life is like a sinusoidal curve. The crests and troughs are present in every person’s life.

It is a matter of perspective to take things easily. It is not true that they are lonely and gloomy or they have a sad and incomplete life being single. It all depends on how one chooses to spend his time.

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security. ~ John Allen Paulos (Tweet this)

Being single is not a status. It is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.

Are they scared of something?

At a given point of time, one can either be in a relationship or not. In either case, the individual may have the feeling of being abandoned or engulfed to different extents. Again, this feeling may vary from person to person and can have different reasons at its base.

Many youngsters choose to stay single on account of their poor history of love and their fear of going through the pain of some emotional trauma all over again while some others are left alone after some unpleasant incident or accident in life.

Internal peace

Just like it is possible to feel lonely in a crowd, it is very much possible to stay alone and still feel content and at peace. This just reflects that one needs to concentrate on the internal factors.


While it is true that some people can very well be by themselves, it is not true that they will necessarily be lonely. Being on their own could be something they might be enjoying! However, there are others who can be on their own but feel extremely lonely.

The need is to realize your trapped emotions, feelings and come out with a clear perspective on what are you looking for in life. Though not for everybody relationships can be fulfilling, if living life on their own makes some people more energized and leaves them feeling connected and wholesome, the decision should be respected.

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Rohini Jha is an author, writer, poet and a management graduate. She ardently believes in taking life one day at a time. A spiritually inclined person, she treads life on the path of growth and self-improvement with a firm view that whatever happens, happens for the better.

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