7 Tips for Effective Time Management

time management

In the fast-paced world of today, it is not uncommon to hear people saying 24 hours does not seem to be enough for them to fulfill all their commitments. If you feel that you cannot find time to enjoy quality time with your family or to socialize or pursue your passion, you probably need help to improve your time management skills. Once you develop effective time management skills, you will know how to optimize your time for a better life.

Here are 7 tips for effective time management:

1. Setting realistic goals

It is helpful to be realistic and set goals that you can achieve. Remember the maxim, “Bite only what you can chew.” If your goal is unrealistic and not well-defined you are on a disadvantageous start towards being overwhelmed.

Studies have shown that you are far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and follow up. When you write down the goals, you commit to the goals unconsciously. The visual reminder gives you something to reflect and work on.

2. Prioritizing tasks

You can give top priority to tasks that can bring you fast results. Make a plan for the tasks to be completed each day. It is also helpful to finish off the jobs that are most important first and then proceed in order of importance.

Alternatively prioritize which tasks are your least favorite or most difficult and tackle them first thing in the morning when you are fresh and energetic.

3. Organizing your to-do list

This is the most recommended method of making sure that you are on track with your work commitments. Having a ‘to do’ list for each day and ticking off finished tasks gives you a moral boost. Tech-savvy people use software like ‘tasktoy’ for this purpose.

Organizing should be applied to all aspects of your work. For example organizing your files by suitable categories and arranging them can save you significant time in locating and handling them. You can use the time saved to focus on other jobs of importance.

4. Control Use of Email

Having specific time schedules for emails can save enormous amount of time. You can even deactivate email from your mobile phone and check only at fixed times you set for it. You can avoid distraction and work more efficiently without the frequent interruption of emails. For this, reduce your dependence on emails for things of importance.

5. Minimizing personal calls

Like emails, personal calls also eat into your time and productivity. It is a good idea to have certain guidelines to follow so that you can be more efficient at work while not giving out an impression of being inconsiderate to people who matter. Casual remarks or questions can turn into long conversations putting you in a big crunch for time.

Restrict your communications with others through social networking sites and instant messaging so that you can have a clear line drawn to pay attention to your personal as well as professional life.

6. Giving your best

When you put 100% of your focus and effort on a project, you are most likely to do your best and getting the project approved in one shot. You save time and avoid unnecessary and boring revision or rework. It indirectly helps in proving your worth and to making an impression with your boss or clients.

Gaining time is gaining everything in love, trade and war. ~ John Shebbeare (Tweet this)

7. Wake up Earlier

Not a welcome suggestion but getting up a bit earlier can prove to be your valuable asset. The early hours of the day are when you can give your best to whatever you do as it is the time you have the least distraction. After a good night’s sleep you are refreshed and energized to meet the challenges of the day and have an hour or so extra on your hands. You can use this time to achieve your passion or goals you have set for yourself.


In essence, time management is rearranging your priorities and organizing your everyday life in a disciplined way in such a way that you have time for a productive, fulfilling and well-balanced life.


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