5 Motivational Books for Men

Motivational Books for Men

Being a man. It’s one of the most confusing things in the world. As clear cut as it may seem to the women in your life, it’s actually quite a hard to figure out. You’re no longer expected to be the breadwinner, the protector and the man of the house. Somewhere, in the much-needed progress of society, what it meant to be a man has been turned on its head. And it’s a hard place to be.

I spent a large part of my late teens and early twenties trying to figure just what it was that I needed to be a man in the modern age. And, if I’m honest, I’m still not sure. There are, after all, only so many times your Dad can take you fishing before he gets annoyed at the fact you just don’t get it. You’re not alone though. There are as many authors writing on the subject, as there are men feeling lost. In their words you might just find what it is you’re looking for.

In this article you’re going to learn about 5 motivational books for men that will help you not only become a better man, but will help you understand what it takes to be a man.

Get ready to invest on these motivational books for men for a change.

1. The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida

David Deida see’s being a man from all angles. Whether you’re lost and looking for purpose. Struggling to find (or be in) relationships. Or if you feel cut off from the rest of the manly world. He also has the uncanny ability to see your world through a woman’s eyes.

All these perspectives come together to make this truly helpful book. This goes against the grain of what a man usually is. There are no plaid shirts or Whiskey bottles in sight. And you won’t be asked to watch The Godfather at any point.

Instead this book looks at being a man on an emotional and spiritual level. But with practical advice you can take away and use, unlike so many other books of this nature.

How It Helps You: Being a man is an emotional journey, whether you choose to believe it or not. This book teaches you to embrace those parts of your life and use them to make you a better man because of it.

2. Engineering the Alpha – John RAMANIELLO & Adam Bornstein

John and Adam are two big names in the fitness world. But they also understand what it takes to be a man. And how more than just what you think and feel impact it. In fact, they look at being a better man at a hormonal level. How your levels of Testosterone can affect just how manly you are. This is nowhere near as dry as it sounds.

In this book they explore how a couple of topics affect manhood:

  • Diet
  • Exercises
  • Adult Movies
  • Having a Creed To Live By
  • Body Fat

All of which have surprising, scientifically backed, results that you probably wouldn’t have ever thought about. It’s also gives you real advice on how to start your grown into a better men right from the first page.

How It Helps You: At the heart of this book it is a fitness manual with workouts and nutritional plans. But its value goes far beyond that and provides simple, instructional ways to improve your life and become an Alpha Male.

3. An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth – Chris Hadfield

Fear is a big part of a man’s life. Commander Chris Hadfield experienced the possibly the scariest moment in human history: he went blind on the outside of the International Space StationHis book talks, for the most part, about understanding fear and how to best prepare for it. Such as sweating the small stuff and turning every potential outcome into a rational thought.

However, this book delves deeply into Manhood. How to keep your temper. How to be decisive. How to live with integrity. How to be a leader. You might be a boy when you pick up this book, but you’ll know how to be a man when you put it down.

How It Helps: Being a man isn’t rocket science. But using what he learned from it, Chris Hadfield gives practical advice and systems on how to be a better man and make the most of life on earth.

4. Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins

There’s two things I’ve always felt about being a man:

  • You should live with conviction
  • You should be decisive

In this book, Tony Robbins shows you how to do just that in all aspects of your life. Whether you want to set bigger goals. Make more money. Have better relationships, or be a better man. This book has a fool proof strategy to self-improvement. Although this book doesn’t directly address manhood, it does teach you how to unlock the man you want that’s hiding inside.

How to feel comfortable in what you feel. What you think. What you choose. And what it takes to live your life on a whole new level. The truth is there is no right or wrong way to be a man anymore, there is only your way. And this book helps you find that.

How It Helps: Provides a simple, step-by-step solution to take hold of your life and live with more purpose on each and every page. When you awaken that giant within you’ll be a whole new person.

5. Never Let Go – Dan John

Dan John is a clever guy. He collects degrees for fun. Teaches multiple subjects and various schools. And is as strong as an ox. He’s also, in a way, been a mentor for my life who I have never met. Because this book sit’s with an (almost) ruined spine having been read so many times.

The subheading of this book is: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning. And, much like Engineering The Alpha it’s a fitness book at heart. But it’s also the best book on being a man that you may ever read. The most complex ideals about Manhood are broken down into simple anecdotes that will blow you away. Whether that be facing your demons, finding a mentor or adding purpose to your life.

The fitness part if what sells the book, but that’s just the Trojan horse. The rest of it is a manual on how to be a much better man. And I suggest you read it.

How It Helps: You’ll learn how to get stronger, yes. But you’ll also learn why it’s important to find a mentor.

These motivational books for men helps you to identify, how to be a better father, husband and brother. And, why, at the end of the day, it’s not all about you. It’s is all about Men, Men and Men..!!!!

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