5 Characteristics of a True Friend

True Friend

How can you tell if someone is a true friend?

Scenario 1: Two 8-year-old boys became friends and after 56 years they are still friends.  Their families have grown, their kids are married and they are grandparents. Still they meet once a week to enjoy each other’s company. They relish their companionship and are proud to discuss their true friendship moments.

Scenario 2: Two women meet in an office and instantly become friends. In 7 years of friendship they were together through thick and thin. They stood by each other when their families didn’t support their decisions. Suddenly one day a minor confusion led to a deep crack in their relationship. Both upset, one of them tried to resolve it by shedding her ego while the other one still held on to hers.

In our life, like every other relationship, friendship also holds a distinct value. Very thoughtfully mentioned by one of my friends,“I have compartments for every relationship. When one compartment gets empty, I feel empty inside.” How true! A sauce tastes bad with one missing ingredient, and so our life also tastes sour or incomplete when one compartment gets empty.

Interestingly, as we grow, the majority of the time the compartment for friends shrinks. Growing responsibilities shifts our focus from friends to family.

True friends walk in when the rest of the world has walked out. ~ Walter Winchell (Tweet this)

Even though we all have experienced the benefits of a true friend somewhere in our lives, sometimes with too many responsibilities we tend to forget. So let’s stroll down memory lane once more and recall the importance of having a friend.

1. A true friend shares emotions honestly

There are many emotions and feelings that are hard to reveal in front of family members. To free our heart from heavy emotions it is important to talk to a person who can understand us. In challenging situations a true friend works like a therapist. We can be judged by a spouse, boss, colleagues, relatives but true friends never judge us, and hence the task of opening our heart gets easier.

Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with. ~ Robert Brault (Tweet this)

2. A true friend is a great listener

A true friend is always ready to listen to whatever we want to say. Even if it is the same thing repeated again and again, he/she will listen patiently. The worst thing that could happen to anybody is to stay isolated. Having a good friend around us who listens calmly and then gives an assurance that such-and-such a situation will soon pass makes life beautiful. Such a friend is a priceless gift.

3. A true friend does not pretend

We don’t need to pretend in front of our friends. Hiding or shyness are not in a friend’s dictionary, we can simply be our true self. A beautiful dress or a luxurious car doesn’t lead to jealously. Showing off is not required. The only thing that counts is each other’s company.

A cup of coffee with a friend is a cool, stress-bursting concoction.~ Anonymous. (Tweet this)

4. A true friend communicates through silence

We don’t need to speak every time we are in the company of a true friend, just our expressions are sufficient. Although communication is an integral part of friendship, in true friendship just being together is at times fulfilling. Being in the company of that person gives immense comfort.

5. A true friend respects you

A true friend respects each other’s emotions and thoughts, and doesn’t hesitate to say “No” when required to show you the correct path. But all of that is done within the periphery of respect through actions and  words. The mutual respect among true friends builds a trustworthy and supportive relationship.


We all can cherish our friend’s company for a lifetime, even if they aren’t with us today. Ideally though, we would stay in touch with one another. We feel contented when all the compartments of a relationship are balanced. So don’t let your “friend” compartment get empty. Go search your Facebook or Whatsapp friends list… your true friend is just a call away!

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