21 Amazing First Date Ideas

Are there any first date ideas that can make such a great opportunity even better? Seriously, how can dressing up and going out with the person that could turn out to be the love of your life be improved? Well, it can be!

21 Terrific first date ideas

Here are 21 first date ideas that you should definitely consider for the big night. They go from classic, to fun, to borderline crazy… but they are all designed to help you make the best of your time together.

#1. Outside experience

If the weather is great, why stay in? A picnic is a great first date. It gives you both the chance to show creativity, maybe each can cook something or prepare and bring a cool drink. A picnic is also a great place to play some games—badminton, for example—or take your dogs, if you have dogs. All and all, it’s one of the perfect first date ideas for the outdoorsy types.

Note: Wear something comfortable and just a little bit of make up.

#2. Reinvented classic

Speaking of classic, you can’t go wrong with dinner and a movie. For a first date, I personally prefer the movie and dinner. Chances are you still don’t know each other very wellwatching a movie would be a great conversation starter for your dinner.

Tip: Don’t choose a movie that has even the slightest potential of making you cry.

#3. Take a class together

Learning something new together will put you in an unusual environment, a bit out of your comfort zone and will make your date even more fun. What classes do we have in mind? You can go to a salsa class or a cooking class. You can go to an art class of some sort. Play with the idea. I’m sure there’s some sort of classes in your city that both of you will find fun.

Additional Bonus: You get to see how he learns things, how he reacts to failure and other important traits of his character.

#4. Concert

Going to a live concert can be an amazing first date. Truth be told, you probably won’t get the chance to talk a lot, but you’ll have a lot of fun together singing and dancing, and become closer just because of sharing this experience.

Note: Make sure you choose a concert of someone you both like. Otherwise it won’t really be a date. It’ll be one of you being selfish.

#5. Theater or Musical

I remember when I took my husband to a musical for the very first time. He thought he was just going to do this for me once and that would be it. Because, seriously, a musical? I remember the look on his face once the curtain opened. He has been begging me to go with him to different musicals ever since.

Ok, it wasn’t our first date, but it would’ve been great if it was. Taking your date to the theater is so much more original than taking her to the movies. And if you live in cities like London or New York, there’s no way you’d be disappointed.

A Little Secret: Most women LOVE musicals. If you’re a guy reading this article, trying to find something amazing to do on a first date, you would so blow the competition out of the water with this.

#6. Amusement park

If you’re about to go on a date with a bit of an adrenaline junkie, an amusement park could be the best way to go. The lines go on and on, but you get to spend more time together than you would if you just go to dinner and you can enjoy a bunch of fun things to do. Plus, the adrenaline rush can be an amazing turn on.

Tip: Try to choose less-crowded times or you’ll really end up spending your first date waiting in lines.

#7. Biking

You both own bikes and love to ride them? Great! Your first date is the perfect opportunity to share a hobby, show each other new bike trails, why not even enjoy a friendly competition? Just don’t forget the protective helmets!

Heads Up: If you don’t own bikes, but love the idea of biking on your first day, just look for a place where you can rent bicycles. I’m sure there is at least one in your city!

#8. Take a walk

As a dating coach, I’ve always recommended taking a walk as a first date when you’re first meeting someone you found online. First of all, it’s safe, especially if you choose a big park on the weekend. Second of all, it could be short or long—you can see how it goes and decide. Third of all, you can always turn it into a coffee date or a dinner date if you really, really enjoy it.

Additional Bonus: Moving will get you talking. It’s scientifically proven that people tend to relax and share more while walking, compared to sitting down.

#9. Short trip

Do you remember that episode from “Friends” where Pete took Monica to a restaurant in Rome, you know, because they make the best pizza? Ok, taking a trip at this stage really is risky, but I’m not saying it should be something huge.

With the low-cost airlines popping up around the globe, anyone can afford to be a bit more adventurous. And if you don’t feel like getting on a plane, you can at least take a road trip to a nearby town.

Additional Bonus: Exploring a new place together will help you get to know each other faster.

#10. Comedy club

This is a two-edged knife, so I’d only recommend it if you’re going out on a date with person you already know. Maybe you two are colleagues who’ve been flirting back and forth next to the water cooler. Or maybe you’ve been friends for a while and now you’re crossing that line.

Whatever the case, if you already know each other and know each other’s sense of humor, enjoying a drink in a comedy club could be the most amazing night. Laughing will take all the nervousness out of the situation and the way they dim the lights in those places is perfect for a first kiss.

#11. Karaoke bar

A bar is fun if at least one of two conditions is met:

  • you have a lot to talk about or
  • you have something to entertain you.

On a first date, you can never really be sure if the conversation will go smoothly. But in a Karaoke bar, you can rest assured that you will be entertained.

Additional Bonus: If you can sing, this is a great way to impress your date by singing something just for him or her.

#12. Book reading

Definitely unconventional, but one of the great first date ideas would be going on a book reading. Book readings are events where publishers present their latest books and usually invite the author to read part of it. If you and your date like to read—and especially if you’re into the same genre—going on a book reading near by would be a great idea.

Tip: If you find out who her favorite authors are and manage to take her to a book reading where one of them would be attending, you are guaranteed a second date.

#13. Dinner in the dark

In most big cities, there are already Dinner In The Dark restaurants—places where you pre-order a menu and eat blindfolded. In smaller cities, some of the restaurants organize dinner in the dark evenings and do the same thing.

The great benefit of a dinner in the dark is that it puts you in that place where you get to talk to the person without actually looking at him, which makes you less nervous and helps you to be yourself. It’s a fun experience and at the same time, it’s still just a dinner.

Additional Benefit: Some restaurants in my city organize dinners in the dark as part of a charity program. They donate all their proceedings to organizations that help the blind. So, if that’s the case, you also get to do a nice thing.

#14. You like boats?

Because I do. A guy I met in London a bit after I moved to the city took me on a great first date. We took the boat to Greenwich and then a long walk around the park, followed by dinner. While we were on the boat, he would tell me different things about the buildings and the neighborhoods we were passing by. I loved it!

I’m not saying you should be a tour guide for your date, chances are you don’t need to be, but a boat is a great way to just sit back, relax, discuss what’s around you, enjoy the day and let things develop naturally.

Tip: Go with a comfy ponytail or the wind will mess up your hair horribly.

#15. On a roof top

You have access to an awesome roof top? It has to be summer for this first date idea to work, but setting up a dinner date on the roof top of a high story building is one of the most romantic things you can do. It’s original, yet classy, and you can’t beat the views. She will love it!

Note: Prepare. Decorate the place, set the scene, order food or cook, maybe even hire a waiter or a violinist.

#16. Go hiking

Live near mountains? Love hiking? Know a beautiful, secluded place somewhere in the woods that your date will love? You can combine the hiking idea with the picnic idea for maximum bang! Fresh air, amazing views, great company. Who could say no?

Tip: Pick and easy hiking trail. It’s a date after all, not a Bear Gryll’s episode.

#17. Treasure hunt

I know this may sound a bit out there, but if you’re the intelligent adventurous type, it may be the perfect first date idea for you. A friend of mine once organized a St. Valentines treasure hunt for her boyfriend. The treasure was a romantic spa procedure for both of them, but before he got to her, he went to five or six other places and had to solve a certain mystery on each one. You’ll need time to prepare, but this will definitely be one of the best first dates in your life.

Note: Don’t make it too complicated, this is only your first date and you want her (or him) to find you!

#18. Wine tasting

I admit, it’s not the most original idea of all, but if you know and like wine, it may be the perfect opportunity to impress your date. Plus, when drinking is involved, first dates are always easier. I do suggest that you go to dinner first or go to wine tasting where there are snacks (otherwise inhibitions may be forgotten a bit too quickly).

Note: Don’t drink too much!

#19. Beach or Pool

A girl would rarely agree on a beach or pool first date. Most girls are too self-conscious about their bodies. But if you’re both up for it, this could be a very intimate, sexy first date—especially if you go some low-key place where you won’t be surrounded by crowds of people. Complete it with lunch and an afternoon cocktail and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

#20. Sports

Are you the sporty types? Then what’s the point of sitting down and eating? You’d be best playing a game of squash or going for a run together. I know it may seem a bit too casual, but it will help you bond over a common interest, plus it will take the pressure off. When you’re playing sports, you’re usually mostly focused on the sport and not on how you look or what to say.

Note: End the sports session in a healthy cafe or a near-by restaurant where you can still say a few words to each other.

#21. Let’s play some games

Getting in touch with the children in you by playing board games can turn into an amazing first date. There are plenty of board games events and/or cafes in the big cities; sometimes there’s even tournaments. So, if you’re fans of Catan, Monopoly or Mysterium, go for board games date. She’ll love it!

Tip: Keep it simple and let her win—or at least don’t let her lose by much.

Wrap up

We’re sure you’ll find the best option for your first date among these amazing 21 first date ideas. Just make sure you make your decision based on common interests. And you must have common interests—after all, you’re going out on a date.

And don’t forget that:

The perfect date is the one where anything and everything goes wrong, but at the end of it, all you want is to see them again. ~ Dylan O’Brien (Tweet this)

Have fun!

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