10 Tips to Improve Workplace Relationships

workplace relationships

Workplace relationships are highly critical to the success of any organization and are considered imperative for the effectiveness of the organization. Relationships affect the morale, trust and productivity of the workforce.

Therefore the atmosphere should be cordial and devoid of conflict and stress as workplace relationships are unavoidable whether it is with the team mates, boss or the customers.

Most Common Types of Conflict in the Workplace

1. Clashing Personalities:

A team leader may observe that a member is lacking in taking responsibility and the member may think the team leader is overzealous or inconsiderate.

2. Differences in Leadership and working style:

The different styles of supervisors can cause confusion in the employees as some may use “open communication” while others may not.

3. Differences in Background:

Conflicts can arise between people because of differences in educational, cultural or other backgrounds of people working together.

Tips to improve workplace relationships

Here are some ways in which interpersonal relationships in the workplace can be improved:

1.  Develop good communication skills

Listening is an art and a good listener always finds a way to emerge victorious in conflicting situations.

It is also important to have good negotiating skill and the ability to say ‘No’ at the appropriate times. Learn the art of saying NO here.

2. Be Trustworthy

Trustworthiness is a quality that is essential in strengthening any relationship, more so in the workplace. Winning others’ trust is not easy and takes time and consistency in your words and actions.

3. Avoid Gossip

Never pay attention to gossip or participate in it. It ultimately will land you in trouble or erode your credibility. You will end up being cheap and petty in the eyes of your colleagues and the management.

4. Be professional at all times

If you follow the trait of leading by example, you are certain to ride the wave of popularity in your workplace. It is imperative that you develop the habit of being punctual at your workplace and complete tasks diligently and must meet your deadlines every time.

You should maintain professionalism at work and make it clear to your co-workers by keeping your commitments, being cooperative and supportive of others.

5.  Respect others’ point of view

Try to analyze issues from the point of view of others to be able to understand it better. This approach will earn you the respect and support of all the people in your workplace.

6. Never be partial

Always stay neutral and try to take a balanced and unbiased standpoint in conflicting situations which require you to intervene. Taking sides can lead to making enemies and will become a thorn in your working relationships.

7. No dirty politics please

Try and stay out of politics at the workplace. It will make people look at you with suspicion and alienate you from them.

8.  Set clear boundaries

Know where to draw a line with the coworkers and make sure that they understand the set of rules you go by and things that are not acceptable to you.

This way you will set an example for others to follow in maintaining good workplace relationships.

9.  Participate in Social Events

Social events are nice opportunities to know more about others in the workplace.

Interact with everyone within the company irrespective of their position. This will help you to establish an instant connection with them and it will be easier for them to face you in the workplace.

Healthy connections formed during such interactions will help in fostering strong and long working relationships.

10.  Keep personal and business life separate

Participating in events like company lunches or functions, it is inevitable to develop close relations with some coworkers and seniors. Socializing has become an integral part of business activity. But you should take care to separate your personal and business life and relationships.

Keep workplace relationships separate from your personal life. In spite of many organizations insisting on code of conduct at the workplace, there will be times when there is a still a need to be watchful of protocol and such rules.


A major part of our time is spent in the workplace. It is here that we should have good relationships that can nurture our professional life. Hence it is critical to have healthy workplace relationships.

The benefits of improving workplace relationships are immense and allow you to feel recognized, accepted and appreciated. Harmony and peace in the workplace is the key to success of the people as well as the organization.


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