10 Tips to Deal with Relationship Problems

10 Tips to Deal with Relationship Problems As humans, we are social animals and are members of a global village. We play multiple roles at different times in our lives and are bound to each other in a complex web of relationships. There is no relationship that has not faced any problems, as problems are bound to happen.

But problems can be overcome by dealing with them with tact. To be able to deal with relationship problems, we need to cultivate many skills and fulfill different responsibilities.

Useful tips to deal with relationship problems

In our earlier post, we have already looked at a few tips to keep your relationship alive. However to successfully manage our relationships we may need to change our attitudes and cultivate flexibility.  Here are Ten tips to successfully manage relationship problems of various kinds:

Respect others In dealing with a relationship problem we need to respect the other person’s individuality and sense of self. No person is a shadow or extension of another. Each person has their own thoughts, hopes and dreams and it is for each one of us to respect that.

Share the truth There is no better recipe for a disastrous relationship than half-truths and lies. A successful relationship demands that both parties invest by telling each other the truth. It needs a conscious effort to be open and transparent and not allow any doubts or assumptions in any relationship.

Trust A successful relationship can be sustained only if both the parties trust each other. This involves a degree of vulnerability as we trust each other not to abuse the trust. Not matching your actions with your words will be construed as breach of trust. Relationship issues mostly stem from breach of trust (and being secretive kills trust).

Space Most relationship problems arise out of being over possessive. In a relationship, it is necessary to share time and interests. It is also necessary to give each other space and some time apart.

Empathy It is essential to empathize with the other person. This means that one should attempt to walk in the other person’s shoes to view things from a different point of view. This way you can resolve any problems in your relationship without much pain.

Listening skills Relationship problems can present as much in what is unsaid as in what is expressed. By listening to the other person, we open up our hearts to the other person and attempt to understand that person’s feelings and motivations. It is better to listen with your mind instead of just hearing.

Handling conflict In a relationship with two individuals, there are bound to be differences of opinion. No two points of view can be totally alike. Conflicts therefore need to be aired and resolved in a mature manner. Shutting oneself off from a conflict means one individual in the relationship is subservient to the other. Intimidating words and behaviour must be avoided if you really want the relationship to survive.

Express appreciation Nothing kills a relationship quicker than the feeling of being taken for granted. If we value a relationship we must be able to express it openly. This can be done by doing daily acts of kindness and being thoughtful towards the other person to avoid any relationship problems due to lack of appreciation of the other partner.

Invest in kindness It is essential to be investing in kindness and forgiveness in sorting out any relationship issue. The benefits of a healthy relationship are often intangible and become apparent after a long time. It is essential to continue to believe in the relationship and never to give up on it and make genuine attempts to sort out any problems in your relationship.

Practice gratitude Each person we come across enriches our life in some way. Each relationship we are in adds meaning to our life. Practicing gratitude for this wealth enlivens our relationships and therefore it is better to remember this when some kind of problem arises in the relationship. An old proverb says, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”


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