Yoga for Stress Relief – Stress Management Tips

After ‘water’ Yoga is probably the most-recommended remedy for ailments—be it the mind or the body. Rightly so. Yoga, a practice dating back over 5000 years, even helps relieve stress effectively.

Stress has become a disease which has practically taken over the world population. Headaches, tight shoulders, bad posture, fatigue, depression, stiff neck and back pain are all symptoms of stress and tension. Using Yoga for stress relief is a reality and can help relieve and eliminate them all.

Here are 3 simple poses in yoga for stress relief. Enjoy!

Yoga for Stress Relief – Half Moon Pose

If you are new to Yoga then stand with your back against the wall (otherwise you can stand without support). Turn your left foot parallel to the wall and then bend your left knee and then put your left palm on the floor a few inches in front of your left foot.

Your left leg should be bearing most of your weight—the palm on the floor is just for balance. Now lift your right leg to height of your hips keeping your foot flexed and your toes pointing away from the wall. Now slowly straighten your left leg. Hold for five-to-ten breaths (breathing normally).

Switch sides and repeat. Perform each set about 3-5 times.

Yoga for Stress Relief – Cross-legged Lower Back Stretch

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed a couple of inches away from the wall. Walk your fingers up the wall keeping your hips grounded to the floor.

Don’t tense your shoulders and keep your throat, neck and face soft. When you feel your have stretched high enough stop and count 5-10 breaths (breathing normally). Slowly walk your fingers back down.

Repeat this 3-5 times.

Yoga for Stress Relief – Legs up the Wall

Place a firm pillow or 2-3 folded blankets against a wall. Now sit down facing them and slowly lower your self to lying position. Lift your hips and slide forward and rest your hips on the blankets/pillow and your shoulders and head below them on the floor.

Lift your legs and straighten them against the wall. Relax your face, neck and shoulders. Try and blank out your mind and stay here for 10 minutes. This pose really helps to provide a fresh supply of blood in the neck and chest regions which calms down the nervous system.


While there are lots more yoga moves which help to help relieve stress, these basic 3 are extremely effective and doable. Try incorporating them in your daily routine as these will take only 15-20 minutes of your day to keep you relaxed and stress free.

Yoga for stress relief is very effective. If you are not able to commit to classes, then you can at least practice these yoga poses whenever you are feeling tensed or stressed.

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