How to Find Exercise Motivation

How to get Motivated to Exercise

Getting up and moving your butt for a workout is actually 80% of your fitness goals achieved. Whether it is starting off with an exercising program or keeping up the enthusiasm of continuing the same, we all need that push to find our exercise motivation. Getting and keeping yourself motivated to workout is the battle one needs to win to get fit and healthy. Here are a few simple exercise motivation tips that should set you in motion.

Find something you enjoy

The beauty of a workout is there are so many options available that you should be able to easily pick up something you like. From taking a swim on a hot summer day to sweating it out in an indoor gym you can do anything. Play a sport, go for a run or sign up for a Zumba class. Just ensure you are working up a sweat and elevating your heart rate. Exercise motivation comes easier when the fun element is high.

Set simple and realistic fitness goals

Nothing helps you find exercise motivation more than a sense of achievement. Goals need not always be weight-related; it could be something like improving the time taken to run a kilometer over, say, a 2-week period. It could also be feeling comfortable in that pair of jeans which were getting a little tight around the waist.

Make it simple and make it real. Don’t aim at getting in to that pair of jeans you wore in college (about 15 years back) in fact throw those jeans away and get one a size smaller than your current ones.

Get a fitness buddy

Find a friend or family member to partner with you.

My sister and I have been going to Pilates 3 days-a-week at 7 in-the-morning for quite a while now. She counts on me to give her a lift in the morning, so even when I feel like bunking-in, I don’t because I don’t want her to miss class because of me.

Go and motivate your friend or a family member to also get fit and sign up for gym together you’ll see it’ll no more be a chore but a fun outing.

Get some nice fitness gear

Nice bright tracks and t-shirts definitely cheer me up. Get yourself nice comfortable, breathable, and well-fitting exercise gear. Ensure you have comfortable shoes that want to make you get on your feet and burn those calories.

Pre-plan and set your workout time

Identify a time convenient for you to workout and keep that time. It should become a part of your routine so automatically that your mind will signal you that it is time to get moving.

Join an online group

Recently I signed up with a London Personal Training online group and found success in it. The basic rule of the program was to update your workouts and food intake daily to avoid being dropped by the Administrator. Now I was forced to do my workouts because I didn’t want to sound like a loser in my daily blog posts.

Other members in the group were a constant source of encouragement and applauded any progress I made. You realise that you are not alone there are thousands and thousands who want to get moving like you.

Try new fitness activities. Add variety.

It can get quite boring doing the same thing everyday for too long which often becomes the reason to lose the enthusiasm to workout. Mix it up. Try spinning, dance aerobics, Yoga, Pilates etc. Even if you go to the gym, change your routine every 4 weeks to avoid boredom. Go outside pick up a racquet. Play some tennis. Have a swim or take your yoga mat to the terrace and do some solar salutations.

Try the simple tips above and keep telling yourself that you owe good health and fitness to yourself and your loved ones. Get up and get moving! You’ll find it’s not that difficult. Good luck.

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Shalini is a fitness enthusiast and has been practising Pilates, doing spinning, yoga and various kinds of aerobics. She researches and reads extensively about health, nutrition and wellness. Shalini loves playing tennis,swimming and trying all sorts of sports.

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