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Superbly nutritive, disease-fighting, low on unhealthy fats, easy to source and prepare, what more can one ask from a Super Food? Including super foods in your regular diet will perk your health up and give you that wonderful feeling of well-being. Their disease-fighting qualities enhance immunity and protect our bodies from a host of medical conditions.

With our super busy lives constantly on the go, these Super foods are easy to source and include in our regular diet.

Super foods are a nutritional powerhouse which are calorie-sparse and nutrient-dense. These foods are not only nutritional but also important for a healthy and long life.


Phytonutrients in Apples regulate blood sugar levels making them a must-eat. A high incidence of diabetes, especially in India requires more aware eating habits so watch what you put inside and the effect a food has on the sugar levels. A good source of dietary fiber, they also prevent heart disease since they lower blood fat levels. They also have cancer-fighting properties and are especially beneficial in fighting lung cancer.


Supplying numerous good bacteria, yogurt benefits the immune system, prevents constipation and ensures stronger bones. It is in fact, a great Super food to include in your daily diet as it also nourishes the body with animal protein apart from aiding the gastrointestinal system.


Available throughout the year, bananas are also easy to source in India. Though diabetics should avoid it due to its effect on blood sugar levels, the fruit has a number of other health benefits. It is good for the heart and benefits bone health. It protects us from stomach ulcers and other gastrointestinal issues and gives a wonderful ‘full’ feeling whenever consumed. It is a lot cheaper than other fruits too.

Cruciferous vegetables: Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli

Prevent cancer, heart-disease and constipation as you nourish your body with vitamins by eating cruciferous vegetables regularly. Vitamin K found in these vegetables is especially beneficial for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Dark, Leafy Green Veggies

Full of fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals, green leafy vegetables are a hit with the health-conscious. Prevent heart disease, diabetes and a host of other medical conditions by consuming them regularly. There is no dearth of recipes to prepare them in different ways so get creative if you don’t like to eat them in any specific preparation.


Antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, turmeric is a hit in Ayurveda for its health benefits. Studies suggest that it may also protect against cancer and Alzheimer’s. Called one of Nature’s best healers, it is also considered a detoxifier for the liver.

A regular in the Indian diet, make your own turmeric powder at home by sourcing a piece of turmeric from the market. The raw version is available too but is not so easy to source. Shred a bit of the raw turmeric and add to warm milk for a wonderfully healthy start to your day.


Cinnamon is believed to regulate blood sugar levels, making it a Super food for diabetics. Studies also show that it reduces the bad cholesterol in the diet thereby benefitting heart health. A commonly-used Indian spice, you could add it to your daily cup of tea as a taste-enhancer as well.


A popular Super food, research studies have revealed its awesome nutritive properties. A wonderful source of protein, soybean is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Its low-fat content makes it score above other protein sources since it does no harm and only gives benefits to the body.

Sesame Seeds

Oils present in sesame seeds are good sources of phytonutrients and dietary fiber. They are rich in oleic acid which lowers the LDL (called the bad cholesterol) levels in blood. They are believed to prevent cancer and are a rich source of B-vitamins. Cook some in a little bit of oil for that extra crunch and add to a bowl of yogurt to make a delicious ‘raita.’


Oats are believed to lower the bad cholesterol levels from the body. Given the high incidence of cholesterol issues, oats are a great choice of Super food to start (or even end) your day with. They contain a specific type of fiber which has that effect on cholesterol levels in our body. This fiber, called beta-glucan, also stabilizes the blood sugar levels and nourishes the body with antioxidants.


Not only are such foods rich in nutrients but they are also low in calories. Respect your body and take care of it before it is too late. Include these super foods that are wonderful gifts from NATURE into your regular diet and experience the difference over the short and long term.

Eat More to Weigh Less? For these super foods when included in your regular diet will help you burn a few calories and curb cravings!

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