Stay Healthy for a Stress Free Life

Stay Healthy for a Stress Free Life

When you feel stressed-out, perhaps you try a lot of things to get de-stressed. You try to divert your attention towards the positive things which can help you change your state of mind. It is true that stress is all about your thoughts and mind. But it is also true that almost everyone faces stress at some point of time or the other.

Positive thinking alleviates stress. Undeniably your mind is the key to happiness. But there is a strange connection between our body and mind.

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Some say that mind is all that matters and they are not wrong. There are people who reach the level of spiritual existence where it is all about their mind and not the body. But there are only a few who can achieve such a yogic state of living.

Most of us are still living a material existence where the body matters. Although mostly our mind is in control of our body (it may not seem apparent to many), there are times when your body can also determine your state of mind. This is the reason why you can follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce stress.

Stay healthy for a stress free life

What you eat matters. A change in diet may change your mood too. First of all do not expect that changing your diet will have an immediate positive impact on your mind. There are many food items which when consumed provide a temporary sense of pleasure (such as alcohol) but they may not necessarily be good for overall health.

On the other hand, there are certain foods which do not instantly give you a feeling of relief but in the due course of time they have a great positive impact on your body and mind.

Eating healthy food is not only good for your health; it also helps reduce stress to a great extent. If you eat light and in moderate quantity, you will feel the difference in your state of mind too. When you eat a lot of heavy, oily food lots of body energy gets utilized in digesting it.

As a result, you may start feeling low and may also have a feeling of anxiety. That’s why, many times after taking a heavy lunch, we start feeling sleepy. On the other hand, skipping meals and staying hungry is also not a great idea. When you are low on energy, you can’t really feel good.

Working out regularly can also help reduce stress in your life. This is another theory known only to a few. If you are wondering how exactly physical exercise helps release stress then the answer is very simple. When you work out, your body releases endorphins which are known to result in a feeling of happiness. Studies have also shown that exercising releases certain chemicals in the body which act as anti-depressants.

Stress leads to sleep deprivation and sleep deprivation can further increase stress. Getting good sleep every night is of paramount importance. Studies have shown that working out also helps fight sleep problems. One reason could be that when you exercise your body gets tired. When you are tired, you are more likely to sleep; stress or no stress.

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Smoking is not just injurious to your physical health, it also increases stress: Stop smoking. Studies show that stress level of smokers is higher than the stress level of nonsmokers. Smoking increases the blood pressure and the heart rate. As a result many people start feeling more anxious after smoking. Increased anxiety results in increased stress.

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It is a known fact that deep breathing helps reduce stress. This indicates that breathing plays an important role in determining your state of mind. The more oxygen you have in your body, the better you feel. Smoking has a negative impact on lungs and hence breathing. Therefore, it can increase stress level.

So, Stay healthy for a stress free life and be the master of your own mind!


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