5 Amazing Warm Lemon Water Benefits

lemon water benefits

How would you like just one simple drink that is incredibly cost-effective and will detoxify your body, burn body fat, aid digestion and boost the immune system all in one? If it sounds too good to be true it’s really not! Sometimes the simplest things are the best and that is definitely the case with warm lemon water. This simple drink requires no expensive pills, powders or potions and works better than most of that.

Warm lemon water isn’t a trendy fad either; lemons have been around for millennia and have been consumed in drinking water since ancient Rome. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons this beverage has been so popularly consumed throughout history and why you should start.

Lemon water benefits for a healthy and beautiful you!

Water is often the most underestimated health beverage available. Our bodies are mostly water and are dependent on it for every physiological function. Even with this understanding, many of us can feel challenged to get in enough water. If this is the case for you, you may find yourself enjoying water much more after learning about the many lemon water benefits (even after just adding a little lemon juice to it)—and maybe not just for its own benefits, but for the fact that it also happens to make it quite delicious.

1. Digestion & detoxification

Lemon juice is naturally acidic and thus resembles the acidic environment of the stomach and its natural juices. By consuming lemon juice, its sour taste actually signals the liver to produce bile, which helps produce stomach acid and actually triggers peristalsis (the contraction of the colon that keeps things moving). In this way, it is very helpful for elimination and those who struggle with constipation.

It also naturally detoxifies the body, keeping it clean and free of impediments and the build-up of toxicity. Consuming warm lemon water also relieves acid reflux, which is really the result of low stomach acid. HCL or stomach acid is also essential for breaking down protein, killing off bad bacteria and absorbing nutrients, so consuming warm lemon water can actually help strengthen the digestive system too.

It also acts as a mild diuretic, which helps detoxify the body by eliminating toxins through the urinary tract. All of this means better digestion and a cleaner body.

2. Immunity

The body does not produce vitamin C on it’s own so it is essential to get it through diet. Amongst the many vitamin C-rich foods, lemons and other citrus are on top of the list. Not only do they contain plenty of vitamin C, they also contain flavonoids that are essential for the absorption of vitamin C.

Consuming lemon water is a great way to get in adequate vitamin C levels and thus boost the immune system. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production, which are crucial for a well-functioning immune system. Not only that, vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the body’s cells from oxidative stress. Starting your day with a glass of warm lemon water is a great way to ensure you are getting sufficient amounts of vitamin C for a well-functioning immune system.

3. Skin health & beauty

As mentioned, lemon water benefits you with antioxidants like vitamin C but that in itself not only benefits the immune system; it can also prevent and reverse free-radical damage to the cells. Stress can damage and age the skin cells, causing everything from wrinkles to acne.

Lemon water can help not only eliminate toxic build-up that can lead to skin problems and stress on the body, but can also make the cells more resilient to stress. Additionally, vitamin C and water are a power duo for collagen production. Consuming water is one of the simplest ways to promote collagen production, which keeps skin smooth and young.

4. Burn fat

While lemon water is not a replacement for healthy exercise and a nutritious diet, it is one small step in the right direction that can lead to a more ideal weight. Lemons contain pectin fiber also found in apples and cranberries. One great way to make sure you get the pectin from the lemon is to blend it with the pith on and strain it through a nut-milk bag.

This will keep you full for longer, making it less likely to overeat. Also, lemon water is very hydrating—being slightly dehydrated can cause sugar cravings, increasing the likelihood of eating the sugary foods that slow the metabolism. Lemon water will keep you fuller for longer and improve the metabolism, helping you burn fat easier.

5. More energy

If you are looking to get off coffee but need a natural boost, try lemon water. We don’t need caffeine to stay energized, as our metabolism produces energy from the atoms and molecules from our food. Lemon water contains negatively-charged ions and when consumed they naturally produce energy in the body.

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