How To Lucid Dream For A Successful Life

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I’m pretty sure an article about how to lucid dream has to be the coolest article I have written for Wisdom Times. Now, don’t get me wrong . . . there are many authors on here who are WAY MORE informative than I am. But for sheer “cool factor,” I really like this one the best. Why? It brings together two seemingly different worlds together under one roof. In a way, it talks about how the more ethereal world can impact this world. I really like that idea. I wholeheartedly believe in it, too!

Before we get to the life-change part, let’s begin with the “what-is,” and then move to the “how-to” section.

What is a lucid dream?

Put simply, it’s the idea that a person can wake up inside of a dream and yet, still remain dreaming. What happens is that they realize they are dreaming and then, once they do, they find they are able to control their “bodies” in the dream as well as the things around them. It really becomes a powerful force for change in their life, and this is precisely how we intend to use it here.

Lucid dreamers have reported brighter, more-vivid colors. Everything is just so vibrant . . . it really “pops.” Not only that, but they can control time and space in a way that most people find impossible in our day-to-day lives. They can even fly! That has to be the ultimate in cool party tricks!

How to lucid dream?

Here are a few methods to help you explore the world of lucid dreaming:

Method #1

Okay so, first up, how do we actually do it? Well, it begins by recognizing that we are dreaming in the first place. Have you ever had a dream where you look around and see that you are in, let’s say, a room, but you have no idea how you got there?

Well, psychologically speaking, this is how we can tell we are dreaming. There is no direct connection between the events occurring in our timeline. In our waking life we can simply think back and say okay, first I was here . . . and then I left that place and went over here, etc. Dreams don’t work that way and that, actually, is our key to lucidity.

We use that fact to our advantage simply by realizing that we must be dreaming. If you can realize that, you can immediately wake up in that dream. You become lucid. You are, in other words, having a lucid dream.

Method #2

Another way that people have triggered a lucid dream is to try and find their hand while in a dream. If you can find your hand, in other words consciously link the idea of finding your hand with the idea that you are dreaming, you can also trigger a lucid dream. That takes a tiny bit of practice, only because you need to mentally link the two.

Method #3

Yet another way people can generate a lucid dream is to, throughout the day, repeatedly question whether or not they are dreaming literally right now. So, for example, as they are reading this article they might stop and say: “am I dreaming.” And then later, while driving a car or eating a sandwich or who knows what, they just keep on asking, am I dreaming.” And in each case, they try to answer the question as honestly as they can. They try to figure out if they are dreaming.

Method #4

In the example I used about reading this article, they can know instantly because it is impossible to read in a dream. The words keep changing every time you look at the sheet of paper or computer screen. So one way to always trigger lucidity (instead of the hand finding) might be the reading test. I have found that one to be the most reliable in my case because I am a voracious reader. Your results may vary.

Okay I can wake up in a dream . . . Now what?

Now that you have reached a level of competency in your Lucid Dream skills (in other words you know how to lucid dream), it’s time to apply that to your waking life. One of the most interesting things about Lucid Dreaming is that you can confront your demons without fear. Literally and figuratively.

Let’s say you had a monster chasing you, you can literally turn around and smile at him (or her), and the monster would disappear. Figuratively, you can use the dream world as your testing ground. You can, for example, envision a business idea of yours already up and running and can imbue it with as much success as you would like for yourself! You can see all your friends and family and people you have never even met lined up out the door just thrilled to have a chance to pay you for living your passion.

Advanced techniques: first time in print!

Another way to look at it, is that since all of a dream happens inside your mind, you can tap into parts of your subconscious that have been outside your grasp before. We can do this by literally asking (once we are lucid) to be transported to that time and place we would like to see. That part isn’t new. It’s been around for ages.

To do that you might say I want to see the 7 wonders of the world. And then it takes you there. That part is very cool, yes. I’ll agree with you. What I am suggesting though is a bit different. I am saying you can direct it inwards, into your own centers of personality or subconscious.

From there we can interact with it. How? By asking questions and directing it to the desired outcome. For example to get angry less often. Once in the lucid dream state, and once you are in the hub or section needed, then you make the desired change and implement the magic.

Another advanced technique is to apply yourself to changing the future. Here are some examples. Ask yourself, “What kind of outcome can I expect they way things are going today?” Then comes the answer. Then ask, “What can I do to see a better outcome than that?” Then just remember the answer that you are given from your subconscious mind. Simplicity itself.

Why does this work? Because a dream isn’t a dream just because of all the dreamy things we see or experience or interact with. A dream is just one connection point of our minds. The pretty pictures are just a bonus. Never forget that you are literally awake and walking around in your subconscious mind at that point! You can’t buy that kind of access. Use it to your advantage once you are there.

If you would like to see more on this topic, say so in the comments. I find it interesting enough to explore further, but honestly this is an ADVANCED technique. Not everyone is ready for direct access to their subconscious mind yet. We also have an early-stage book project we created for this. Let us know your interest. It’s exciting stuff.

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